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It’s hard to not have negative thoughts, especially when dealing with a pandemic and fighting for social justice. During these times, it’s vital to remember our purpose in life; to learn, educate, and grow. Everyone is responsible for bringing their mental health to a healthy state. Although it sounds overwhelming, it’s important to remind yourself of your worth and capabilities. Hopefully, repeating these five positive affirmations will serve as a reminder of your journey as a creative individual.

What a good day to be proud of the progress you’ve made

It’s easy to forget the accomplishments one makes, especially during quarantine. Many people feel the need to be more productive with all the free time they have available. Having this mentality can be strenuous since it forces you to constantly think about work, and not focus on putting your well-being first. Remember the progress you’ve made—whether it’s getting out of bed, staying hydrated, or eating a meal, feel satisfied with what you have accomplished! Small steps lead to big results! 

We are not going in circles, we are going upwards...

Most of us might not have a clear idea of what our future holds. This thought is prevalent in college students, considering some enroll as undecided majors due to the uncertainty of the career path they wish to pursue. People are anxious about choosing the wrong decisions for themselves, believing that one mistake will ruin their life. Society needs to recognize that success isn’t linear. Obstacles will make themselves known, and it’s up to the individual to form a solution. If the result is unfavorable, then it’s a lesson learned. When the same problem pops up again, the individual has prior experience and is more knowledgeable about what needs to be done. If you feel like you’re not achieving anything, remember that life is a spiral and that it can only get better from here. 

One-sided relationships are not worth your time 

Maintaining a healthy connection with friends or loved ones shouldn’t be difficult. All parties should be putting the same amount of energy into setting aside time in their day to reach out. This can be simple as sending a text message, leaving a comment on their social media posts, or chatting through video calls. It’s not expected to do these actions daily, but every once in a while is nice, too! However, if you feel like you’re performing all the heavy lifting in the relationship, and finding yourself doing all the initiating, take a step back. If they’re not putting the same amount of effort into communicating, they’re not worth your time and energy. Others will recognize your worth.

I am the love of my own life

Loving yourself may seem like an easy task to achieve, however, it’s difficult to maintain. One moment you might have the confidence of an iconoclast, the next you’ll feel insecure about your image. It’s a toxic rollercoaster to be on, and it feels like you’re a permanent rider doomed to experience the conflicting emotions. Although we may be hard on ourselves, we still manage to treat others with kindness. If that’s possible, then why can’t we do that for ourselves? Consider giving yourself praise, buy your own flowers, indulge in what makes you happy! Be the love of your own life, and discover how admirable you are!

It’ll all work out

Being vocal about the discrepancies occurring in society is challenging when opposing forces try to tear you down. It’ll feel like your voice isn’t being heard, which fuels the desire for equality. At some point, one starts to believe that these efforts will go unnoticed and that nothing will come out of it. It’s during these times that people need to remember that change is inevitable. All of the work will amount to a hopeful outcome. Although you’re struggling now, you’ll be rewarded in the future when change arises.

Having negative thoughts doesn’t produce a great end result. It takes a lot of time and willpower to remind yourself of your value. Recognize that you’re not alone when facing these issues. Friends and family alike are there to support you, and if you don’t have someone to lean upon, there are mental health-related organizations at Rutgers, like Together Not Alone, that want to be your support and have meaningful discussions with you. Take care of yourself, and remember that we’re all rooting for your success!

Selena is an alumni of Rutgers University. She received her B.A. in Journalism and Media Studies with a minor in American Studies. She enjoys writing, attending concerts, traveling, and creating crafts.
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