4 Fitness Apps to Keep You in Shape This Thanksgiving

Regretting going back to the kitchen for your fourth slice of pumpkin pie?

That’s okay. 

Us too. 

That’s why here at Her Campus Rutgers we’ve already compiled a list of 4 awesome (and free!) fitness apps to help you overcome your post-Thanksgiving slump. Hit the gym or hit your living room- those mashed potato calories aren’t going to burn themselves! 


1. POPSUGAR Active- “Workout when you see fit” is this app’s clever slogan, and their exercises allow you to do just this. The app contains hundreds of fun (say what? exercise can be fun?) workouts, grouped into the categories of strength training, running, yoga, and cardio. For those of us needing some extra motivation, you can sign up for challenges, such as “21-Day Flat-Belly Challenge” or “Bikini Body Countdown”, which provide daily schedules, recipes, and reminders. My favorite part of POPSUGAR Active is their list of 26 different interval runs, which change the pace and incline of your workout every few minutes. Not only do intervals make the minutes seem to fly by, they also burn more calories and fight belly fat. Score!


2. Blogilates- You may have sweated through some of these well-known workouts alongside Cassey Ho on YouTube before, but did you know there is also an app? That’s right, get all the blogilates you need right at your fingertips. The app invites you to “train like a beast” and “look like a beauty” with workout calendars, videos, recipes, and even an online shop. Gain access to exclusive content that can only be found on the app, such as “All About that Butt workout” and “Lower Ab Insanity”. Videos can range from 5 minutes to a half hour, so choose one or combine a few for some major body toning. 


3. Fitness Buddy- Let Fitness Buddy be your new workout friend this holiday season! Although this app has full version available for $1.99, the free download contains more than enough info to get in a good sweat session. Choose from 16 different built-in workouts, or create a custom one from the extensive list of individual exercises. The app lets you search based on muscle and equipment so you can really narrow down the type of workout you want to complete. I particularly enjoy the animated demonstrations, which show the proper form for each movement via super muscular dudes. 


4. SWORKIT lite- I recently discovered SWORKIT, and am officially in love with it! This app is especially good for those looking to avoid the gym or simply don’t have the time for it, because none of the workouts use equipment. Simply choose your exercise (strength, cardio, yoga, or stretching), workout type, and time- Sworkit will create a custom routine. Each random exercise is performed for 30 seconds with built in rest periods, so you’re sure to be kept entertained. The combination of interval training and randomized exercises makes squeezing an effective workout into a busy day easier than ever.