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15 Face Masks That Will Change Your Life During Finals Week

What better way to deal with finals than with face masks? They’re generally not that time consuming, fun to do, and leave you and your skin feeling happy and healthy. Here are fifteen face masks that we think will put a smile on your face during these rough weeks:

1. Sugar Kitten Mask ($23)

Memebox has produced a mask that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also photo-friendly. The Sugar Kitten Mask is a  ~*holographic*~ mask, infused with real ruby and pearl powder as well as rose water and hyaluronic acid. Ideal for those suffering from dry skin, it will leave your face feeling revitalized and looking dewy. 

2. Tea Tree Face Mask ($17)

The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Face Mask will offer your face a deep cleanse that will leave you refreshed. This cooling mask will take away the impurities (like blackheads) and absorb excess oil that are plaguing your face. It contains tea tree oil, lemon tea tree, tamanu oil, as well as menthol.

3. Rose Hips Mask ($20)

If you’re looking for a mask that will make your face radiant, look no further than Mario Badescu’s Rose Hips Mask. Made out of rosehip oil, lemongrass extract, and rose hips extract, it helps brighten dull skin, diminishes fine lines, and decreases minor discoloration. 

4. Wake Up Beautiful Mask ($15)

This creamy overnight mask from Pacifica will rehydrate your thirsty, stressed, and sun-damaged skin. It’s a no-rinse, non-greasy, and non-sticky that is perfect for dry and combination skin types. Because it’s an overnight mask, it won’t take away from the time that you need to type up your final paper.

5. Wash Off Black Sugar Mask ($10)

Skinfood’s Wash Off Black Sugar Mask is made with black sugar sourced from Brazil. This natural exfoliant is rich with vitamins and nutrients, which will do wonders for your finals week skin. The Black Sugar Mask will also brighten up your complexion by unclogging your pores and removing dead skin cells.

6. Hydrating Bubble Mask ($14)

This Hydrating Bubble Mask from e.l.f. cosmetics is a fun, fizzy, and bubbling mask. Not only does it offer a fun way to chill out from rigorous hours of studying (that is totally Snapchat or Insta story friendly) but it also hydrates and restores your skin. And to top it all off- it’s vegan and cruelty-free.

7. 4-in-1 Apple Cider Vinegar Foaming Clay Mask ($4.29)

This mask is a steal at under $5. Freeman’s multi-tasking mask is perfect for all skin types. It cleans, scrubs, and tones and leaves you smelling like heaven. 

8. Acne Solutions Oil-Control Cleansing Mask ($25)

This soothing mask by Clinique is clay-based and assists your skin in healing from blemishes, prevent future breakouts, and keep skin shine-free. The medicated formula behind the mask will also help in cleansing and unclogging your pores. It’s oil-free and works with all skin types. 

9. Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores ($27)

This mask from Origins is perfect for all types of skin-oily, dry, sensitive, normal…You get the point. It visibly reduces pore size, unclogs pores, and decreases dullness, uneven texture, and oiliness. The formula includes bamboo charcoal, white China clay, and lecithin

10. BeautyHack Face + Body Mud Mask ($3.99)

Shea Moisture offers a mud-based mask that is not only for your face but also for your body. It is made with natural and certified organic ingredients which help cleanse your skin and remove impurities.

11. Bright + Beautiful Party Recovery Radiance-Boosting Mask ($4)

Find yourself rewarding yourself with a party or two after spending days studying nonstop, only to discover that your face isn’t exactly radiant? Use this face mask from Soap & Glory in order to rejuvenate yourself. This mask includes Vitamin C, rooibos tea extract, and white flower skin-brightening complex and smells like pink grapefruit and mint

12. Purity Made Simple Pore Extractor Mask ($35)

Philosphy’s clay-based mask, which is great for all skin types, focuses specifically on purifying your skin of blackheads, adjusting uneven skin tone, and decreasing pore visibility. This mask features ingredients such as white clay, salicylic acid, and natural exfoliants, which help draw out those impurities. 

13. Hello FAB Ginger & Turmeric Vitamin C Jelly Mask ($32)

Want to feel *really* revitalized? Consider investing in First Aid Beauty’s revitalizing jelly mask that is made for all skin types. This mask is made with ingredients like ginger and turmeric, which comfort stressed-out skin (I say it’s perfect for finals season), and vitamin C, which brightens your complexion. If you’re also suffering from redness, dryness, dullness, and/or uneven texture, this alcohol-free mask may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

14. Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask + Exfoliant ($48)

Purlisse’s mud-based face mask is on the pricey side, however, it definitely gets the job done. The high-quality ingredients, which include blue lotus seeds, white clay, bamboo, ginger white tea, and mushroom extract, work together to help you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. It brightens, detoxifies, tightens, soothes skin, and gently exfoliates- leaving you looking bright and youthful!

15. Hydrating Glacier Water + Pink Peony Gel Cream Mask ($1.99)

This light, leave-on gel cream facial mask from Freeman is ideal for those who suffer from dry skin. It’s replenishing, soothing, and leaves you with petal soft skin. Also, because it’s a gel cream mask, there is no need for water to rinse it off. 

Keoni Nguyen is a former undergrad student at Rutgers University and the former Co-Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Rutgers (2018-2019).
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