What’s Up with the Fitness Trend?

Does anyone remember years ago when it used to be a bad thing for girls to have a big butt or muscles? Does the phrase “does this make my butt look big?” sound familiar to you?

Well the times have changed people! The tables have turned! A new day has dawned! Okay, enough corniness. You get the point. Butts are in. Muscles are in. Let’s talk about it…

It used to be a common standard for girls to be skinny lil twigs and *obviously* much weaker than boys. But if you scroll through YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, ect., you’ll find a much different body type being popularized. It’s likely a girl with super toned legs and arms, a killer set of abs, tiny waist, perfectly round booty, and somehow still big boobs (picture a toned hourglass figure). Basically, these girls look like casual versions of Wonder Woman. I DON’T KNOW HOW THEY DO IT.

But honestly, the hourglass figure is the least important part of this trend. I’m personally a huge fan of how fitness is suddenly very trendy. People are getting on board with working out regularly, monitoring their diets to make healthier choices, and admiring their own bodies. It is suddenly more commonplace to walk into the gym and see a girl squatting or benching as much, if not more, than the boy next to her. To see girls suddenly more comfortable to push their bodies to be stronger through lifting/weight training and eating protein, rather than dieting and spending hours on the treadmill, is inspirational.

To me, it is not so much about what the body looks like. Every single body is going to different and that is OKAY!!! Some people might be super lean and skinny, some might be curvy and  of wider build, some might fall anywhere in between. We are all structured differently and it’s important to realize that when setting goals for what you want to look and feel like. Personally, my favorite part about this fitness trend is how so many body types are celebrated. If you decide to hop on the trend, remember it is heavily focused on health, making progress, becoming stronger, and trying your best to reach your goals :)