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The colder temperatures can be fun for certain people; however, some of us hate them. Our mood drops and we lose motivation to complete our schoolwork, keep organized, exercise, and/or stay healthy. But all hope is not lost for people like us. There are a few things that keep me going, some newly discovered than others. It’s just a matter of trial and error. 

For starters, I talk through my feelings. I’ll either speak with a therapist, or I have a few close friends I’ll grab lunch with. When times get tough, it’s important to realize that our emotions are valid and that it’s okay not to be okay. In doing so, I learned to be kind to myself, and that’s something we all need to do more. Think positive thoughts and distance yourself from people who provide negative energy to your life.

Something we often forget is to hydrate and be mindful of what we eat. Fruits and vegetables, such as spinach, release endorphins and help us feel happier. If drinking plain water gets boring, add lemons or strawberries to add electrolytes or gain an antioxidant boost. Dark chocolate is good for when you want a snack to curb your sweet tooth without overindulging on sugary, fatty foods like ice cream. But needless to say, a bowl of ice cream is okay in moderation.

This last one is probably the hardest of them all. As hard as it can be to get out of bed sometimes and go to the gym, it’s worth the aggravation. Exercise relieves stress and has a shit ton of physical benefits for our health. I recommend going in a group and keeping a support system in place for all of these suggestions. It could be fun to have pot luck with your friends or take a cooking class. You’re not going to be able to get to all of these every single day, and that’s okay. Just as long as you’re prioritizing yourself and YOUR wellbeing before anyone else’s.

I am a senior, transfer student at Rowan University. Although I studied business at my old school, I am currently a Writing Arts major with a Spanish minor.
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