The Ray Of Sunshine In the World of News: The Happy News 

If you are ever looking for a little bit of sunshine among the rain clouds, then you should check out this newspaper called The Happy News. The Happy News was created by UK writer and illustrator, Emily Coxhead, it’s a quarterly published newspaper that solely publishes well, happy news! The idea for a solely happy news outlet was birthed by its creator when she realized just how much the news was becoming a negative influence on her during a rough patch in her life. 

So, she sought to create a newspaper that would brighten her day instead of darken it. And after much praise from her audience, she was moved to discover and spread more cheerful news to her readers who appreciated the positivity. According to the newspaper’s creator, her goal is to “‘sprinkle a tiny bit of happiness all over the planet.’” 

This newspaper is produced in the UK, but if you do not live in the UK don’t fret, because this newspaper is shipped globally, so you can access these heart-warming stories from almost anywhere in the world. As of now there are over 12,000 subscribed readers from 33 countries around the globe. Personally, Emily’s newspaper has inspired me to appreciate both the small and momentous joyous moments when they unfold in my life. 

There is a quote on the newspaper website that I want to leave you with because I think it captures the heart behind this positive news outlet, which is, “For many people, understanding the idea behind the newspaper is one thing, but experiencing what a difference it makes to see and read solely positive articles is another.” In the end, one of the most beautiful things about the written word is its ability to bring others together, and what better way to do so through hope that the people in this world are not always bad. This newspaper has taught me that sometimes it is important to celebrate the little golden moments in life, the sweet kindness of others, and the power of positivity. 

Check out the website if you are interested!