Five Tips on Self-Maintenance While Adulting

You’ve been in college for about a month, and things are starting to get intense. I personally just moved into a townhouse and am learning how to maintain myself. Little did I know I’m very high maintenance. So listen up because I’m about to drop 5 tips on self-maintaining.   

Get a Bowl For Your keys: 

I know it can be so exhausting to be looking for your keys and not be able to find them. Especially when you’ve got 3 hours of sleep and you’re trying to get to class on time. So a little bowl could save you a lot of time and get you where you need to go on time.

Get Vitamin:

I know these small tablets may not seem like they make a difference but trust me they do! So many people have a Vitamin D deficiency these days because we spend so much time indoors. This deficiency affects your bones and muscles and weakens them. Another vitamin that is a lifesaver is vitamin C. It helps strengthen your immune system and fight the diseases that exist on all college campuses. 



Keep in touch with your active side! I know it's hard to find time to exercise with your busy schedule but try to make it. Add it to your planner and make it a habit. Having a gym buddy to hold you accountable is truly helpful. Also remember that someone busier than you made time for their workout today, which means so can you. 

Join Communities: 

Whether it's a club, a non-profit or even a job make sure you have a diverse set of communities you can go to for help, advice, and fun. These communities help you grow and keep you in touch with your social side so you don't get to lost in the gride of your day to day life and start to feel lonely. FOMO is real but you can fight it like this. 

Spaces of Silence:

Create time and space to just be silent. And no, I don't mean just 5 minutes before you sleep. I understand how strange this may seem. We are always stimulating our minds. Even it's on the walk to class we are listening to music or talking with a friend. But it is important to make time for yourself where you can exist in silence and reflect on your decisions.