Lets Detox from Midterms

It’s time to distress and detox from the midterm storm. It has definitely been a tough week, from long hours spent at the library, to micro sleeping in class. It’s been rough and I know that I am not the only one, that can relate! All I want is to devoir that red velvet cheesecake cupcake that I have been eyeing at Sugar Bliss for the past two months and treat myself. I deserve it and so do you. College is hard, and every day is a push to reach our goals and be successful. Only the strong survive, and we are surviving!

What’s most challenging about getting through midterms is the lack of sleep. It is so hard to get a good night’s sleep for many years. First, we’re staying up until 3 am studying, and second, we have too much lingering on our minds. So while we have this break from exams until finals come….yikes! Let’s get some good sleep. Sleep is the key to that healthy mind, body, and soul. I think as humans we like to push ourselves to our wits end to see how much we can handle, but let’s take a break from that. Treat yourself to a nine-hour nap, ten hours of sleep, then another twenty-hour nap!

Try to find a way to detox your mind from all the material you’ve had to stuff in your brain for the past two weeks. You can go shopping, or take a bike ride. Sit by the lake, go see a movie, get your nails done that you’ve biting at for the past month, just do something. Do something that is not going to make you think about school or responsibilities for this short moment of time. It’s is so important to let your mind relax. It does a tremendous job and deserves a reward.

In general it is important to take care of yourself especially when under high stress. When you are feeling overwhelmed and you know you are overworking yourself take a minute to step back and chill. It’s not going to hurt, it’s only going to help. Sometimes we need to take the time to let our body rest, energize, and fire it back up. Never stress yourself to complete something that is past your limitations. Know your body and know what you can handle. Do not push your body to do something you know it cannot because all it’s going to do is push back, and push back even harder.