You Won't Get Sick Using These New Hacks

Secret Menu Starbucks Tea 

Yeah, Yeah. We're not in 2013 anymore, and the secret menu isn't what the cool kids are into. But when you give this tea order a try, your immune system will thank you later. 

What to order: Venti blend of Jade Citrus Mint Tea and Peach Tranquility Tea with steamed lemonade, honey and a pump of peppermint. You might have to read it off your phone, but it's complicated for a reason- it works like no other. 

Stay Social 

There's a lot to be said for giving yourself the naps and 9 hours of sleep you need for class, but studies in the journal of Psychological Sciences have proven that people with packed social schedules who engage positively with friends and family often are healthier. The energy of interacting and laughing with those around you spills over and has an effect on your physical wellness. 

Zinc, Zinc, and More Zinc

This underrated antioxidant can work wonders to prevent the common cold from striking. It's found in pumpkin seeds and cashews, which are the perfect between-class snack or breakfast addition.

Skip the Finger Food

Whether it's Chick Fil A, Sushi, or a bite of your pal's french fries at Burgerfi, it's best not to reach over and use your hands to eat. Whenever possible, use a fork (or chop sticks in some cases) despite the temptation to dig in with your hands. Just like touching your face too much will get you sick, too many germs are transferred when you eat with your hands- even if you wash them well.