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Tired? 3 Morning Habits to Energize Your Day

I look back at some of those early mornings in High School and I don’t even know how I was able to function in class. At that point in my life, I had simply accepted that I would never be a morning person, no matter how hard I tried. Can you relate? Once I got to college, I was able to pick my schedule and limit as many 8 a.m classes as I possibly could. However, I was not able to run away from early mornings completely. Even though I was getting more sleep, I would feel more tired and unmotivated than when I had earlier mornings. I was going through a stressful battle with myself and knew I had to find a way to solve it fast! After much time spent late at night on Google and Pinterest, I was able to create a list of things I could do to have tranquil mornings. Before I would never have imagined I would like to wake up early, but with these tips I’ve made a great amount of progress in becoming more of a morning person, and I hope they can help you the same way! 

Create Your “Warm-Up”

Another change I made was doing a 5-minute “warm-up” after getting ready. I cannot stress enough how something as short as a 5-minute stretch has changed my morning mood. I like to listen to some music during my warm-up to get in a joyful mood.Whether it be listening to a motivational podcast or a morning boost playlist, it will help you fight tiredness and conquer the day! 

Try this Alarm Hack

My final tip involves your alarm (yes, the device you loathe the most every morning.) In addition to making sure I pick a sound that won’t get me in a bad mood, I’ve added a little twist to my alarm- instead of my alarm being titled, “morning alarm” on my phone, I put a motivational quote instead. This has helped put me in the right mindset in the morning. When the first thing you read for the day is something positive,it’s the best way to start any day!

Don’t Skip Breakfast 

The first change I made to my routine was starting to have breakfast. So simple, right? I had always skipped breakfast because I’d rather sleep than make time to eat something. Looking back, this is the biggest mistake I was making! Even if it’s just a cereal bar or fruit, I would recommend always trying to put something in your body that will give you the proper brain boost you need. 

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