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The Best Ways to Spice Up Your Workout In Winter Park


The Alfond gym is hardly our finest asset at Rollins, and monotonous workout routines in a stuffy sports center get mega boring faster than you can say, “are there no treadmills free right now?”. Check out these reviews on the hottest workout classes closest to Rollins to bring a refreshing twist into your workout.


This chain of kickboxing studios uses an exciting and unique class format to help you burn the most calories possible while having insane amounts of fun. Whether you take a pal or attend a class alone, this newly opened facility five minutes from campus is the best deal in town. The first fifteen minutes of class are filled with sit-ups, push-ups, and other intensive exercises that work strength and cardio at the same time. The rest of the class is kicking and punching and is a great way to release school-related stress.  Three classes and free boxing gloves is $20!


 Cycle bar is a unique blend of booty, cardio, and rave. The instructors are phenomenal and even if you’re in the back row, their voices won’t have you taking a single rest. The atmosphere pumps up class participants through their guided workout, but that’s not the only great part about this studio. Your first class is free, so if you’re sick and tired of the treadmill, give this butt-burning spin class a try!


If you’re really looking to get your day or night off to a rockin’ start, Orange Theory knows how to get your body to that perfect post-workout level where you feel like you can run a marathon. Known for delivering almost instant results to its members, Orange Theory keeps you entertained by moving you from machine to machine in addition to strength work. This well-rounded and truly energizing class really has no competition.

Whether you’re a fitness guru or are trying to get into working out for the new year, Winter Park is home to loads of hidden gyms and studios just waiting to be used!  


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