Taking Back Our Bodies

                                                                                 Photo courtesy of Pexels 

Here’s what matters: That I am proud to say: “This is my body and I own it.” Here’s what does not matter: If I have glasses, hearing aids, a missing arm or leg, freckles, acne, stretch marks, or Albino. I take pride in the fact that I do not look like everyone else and that I look unique, because in reality, I am not everyone else, but I am me. The issue is that we can never exist as ourselves, because society owns our bodies, as it manipulates our minds, telling us what our bodies should look like. When others say perfect, pretty or beautiful, many of us fail to meet the criteria that has been set by society for the categories. All over the world, there are girls staring in the mirror, struggling to see themselves as beautiful, because they have yet to fix their “flaws.” Society sees us broken, and we have not overfed, starved, or added the proper amount of makeup to allow us to be “fixed” and finally receive the prized stamp of approval. There should be no rules, because we aren’t clones of one another, we are human beings. Every of us is gifted with the ability to think and speak for ourselves, and each of us are given the ability to have a body that is unique in its own way. If we look around the world at all of the girls, there’s no blank pieces of clay ready to be sculpted by artists into a perfect mold, but there are humans that are all trying to fit in. We don’t need to be perfect, we need to be real, and we need to be ourselves. It is time to move forward. Society, give us back our bodies. Media let us celebrate them. 

                                                                         Photo courtesy of Pixabay 

The moment has come for females everywhere to hold magazines with images of females that are natural and authentic. Leave the acne, freckles, stretch marks and body fat unedited and revealed. Do not take away their bruises or burns that give them stories to tell, or the little things on their bodies that separates them from other individuals. Bring us models who are girls with disabilities, skin conditions, diseases, and let them understand that they too can be beautiful. Do not leave anyone out, because every female belongs. There is only one world and we all must live in it together, so let us live in harmony where everyone can be proud to be who they are. The little girls watching television today deserve to believe that one day they can grow up to be loved and beautiful, regardless of what they may look like. These little girls should grow up learning that every individual is beautiful even if they don’t look exactly like one another. Let us believe that we deserve to be celebrated because we are important. Let us begin to understand other people’s differences rather than criticize them for it. It shouldn’t have to be the case that we need to learn to accept our bodies. We should easily be able to love them. There is already a great deal of things that every female needs to deal with, and everyday we are criticized and underestimated in number of different areas. Our looks should not be a topic that we need to worry about, and we definitely should not have to spend the time defending our bodies and explaining why we look a certain way. Body shaming words should omitted from everyone’s vocabulary as we attempt to enter an era of body positivity, delivering compliments and encouragement. We should not bully people’s features to a point where they feel insecure or the necessity to alter their image. Just like every other women out there, these individual just want to own their own bodies.

Females, love your body, and own your body. Learn to love other body types as well, and remember to encourage others to love and continuing loving their bodies. Stand strong. Let’s stick together through this new era as we proceed to take our bodies back from the Media.


                                                  Photo courtesy of Photopin