So You Want to Start Manifesting?

We’ve all seen it or at least heard of it: Manifestation. Usually seen in a TikTok with tarot cards, stones, and incense, or even in many.  Journaling prompts and manifestation seems to have infiltrated our lives. But what does it all mean? Or more simply, what is the purpose of it all? 

From my knowledge based on various YouTube videos and TikToks I have watched (more so way too many TikToks), here are some of my tips and what has personally worked best for me.

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation, in my opinion, is the act of writing out your dreams and aspirations in the present or past tense as if they have already happened. This can occur in the form of writing these wants and desires in a journal or even just a scrap piece of paper. Manifestation can be about anything from career aspirations to even relationships with specific people. Another form of manifestation is affirmations, either written or spoken in the present tense. 

Manifestation is commonly associated with journaling as well as wellness routines and self care. But how does one get started? When I first started, I was overwhelmed with the many different methods and mediums. However it is really easy to get started and you can find what works best for you through practice!


3-6-9 Method

One of the more common journaling methods of manifestation is the 3-6-9 method. It is typically used for manifesting relationships of any nature - platonic or romantic. It can also be used for manifesting certain interactions between people. Here’s the format:

  1. Write the person’s name three times

  2. Write the intention six times 

  3. Write the action of the intention with the person nine times

An example of an intention would be something along the lines of (insert name here) told me they like me.

To follow the intention, an action would be: (Insert name here) texts me to facetime this Friday night.


33 Method

Similar to the 3-6-9 method, the 33 method is commonly used in journaling, but it is simply writing the desired action 33 times. This works more so for specific actions that involve one person or just yourself versus the cultivation of a relationship with another person. This method is commonly used for manifesting money or a major change in life — like a new job or moving to a new city.



This is often an overlooked part of the manifestation process, but gratitude is as important as the process itself. Daily gratitude is essential to manifesting your goals, because in order to know what you truly want you need to know what you have currently. It is also a positive mindfulness technique that can help make your manifestations occur quicker. 

Writing down three or four things you are grateful for every morning and then reflecting on your day before you go to bed by writing three things that went well is a great start. 

Journaling & Reflecting

A final method that I touched on briefly earlier is reflection. Just like gratitude, reflections and journaling in general are an important tool in the wellness and manifestation toolbox. Writing your thoughts and dreams down speeds up the manifestation process as well as makes you more aware of your true feelings and intentions. 

What Now?

Now you might be wondering—Abbey, what types of stationary products do you need to start manifesting? Well the beauty of manifestation is that you can use anything: your phone, a notes document, a sticky note or even an old fashioned pen and notebook. Personally, I use a journal and some pens because I am an old lady at heart. 

If you happen to be looking for something deeper in your life and read this on a whim, I hope these tips and tricks have helped you and improved the quality of your manifestations!

**Disclaimer: I do not take responsibility for what could or does not occur with usage of these methods - use wisely!