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12 Self Care Ideas That you Might Have Not Considered

Finals are coming up! With school, work and all the other stressors in our lives, sometimes we just need to take some time to relax and take care of ourselves. Self care can often be overlooked despite how important it can be for our mental health. Here are some new ideas on ways to practice self care.

Write Down Things you're Greatful for

Practicing gratitude can do great things for your mental health. Writing down what you are grateful for is even better as it has been linked to being more sensitive to your emotions which has long term impacts on your mental health. Start by creating a journal, or even create a gratitude jar.

Write Down Things you’ve Accomplished

We are constantly thinking about the things that we have to do next, but why not take a moment to be proud of the thing that you’ve already accomplished. You could write it down in a journal or take a similar approach to the gratitude jar. Write down all the things that you’ve done that you’re proud of no matter how big or small. Whether you’ve got a new job or cleaned your room, take a minute to celebrate them all.

Go on a Walk

Take some time out of your day and go outside. Not only can you get your dose of vitamin D, but you can also get your exercise which has been proven to help with anxiety and depression and can overall improve your mood. You can make this relaxing or if you want even turn it into a workout.

Watch the Sunrise/ Sunset

Nature is so beautiful. Going to watch the sunset can be a great way to just relax. We are constantly on the go and are always trying to process information, so take some time out of your day to go outside and just enjoy the stillness and enjoy what nature has to offer.

Watch Nostalgic Shows and Movies

Going back to watch shows and movies that you used to enjoy can be just what you need to bring some joy into your day (or if you're like me restart your obsession with Big Time Rush). Take a moment to forget about your worries and just have fun and feel nostalgic.

Find a New Show or Movie

You probably have at least one or two show or movie recommendations from your friend that you’ve forgotten about or completely ignored. Well now it’s time to finally get to that list. Even if you don't have one be spontaneous and blindly pick one from your recommended list. Get yourself snacks and paint your nails or put on a face or hair mask. Make this a complete self care night and relax.

Clean up Your Space

Completely cleaning your room or house can give you the feeling of the fresh start that you may need. By decluttering your space, you can gain control of your environment, increase your focus and improve your mood. Even if you hate cleaning try putting on some music to make the experience better.

Pretend you're in a Music Video or Movie

I promise this is not as weird as it sounds. Create a playlist of your favorite songs whether it's from a show, movie or just songs that you love. Sometimes we just need an escape from our everyday lives and this is the way to do it. Once you create your playlist, be the main character that you are and dance or sing along. Not only will you feel great during and afterwards, but this is also a great way to channel any emotions you are having in a more positive way. 


This one is for the foodies! On your self care day find a new recipe or take your favorite recipe that you’ve made in the past. Without any pressure of having to make the perfect meal or having to finish cooking on time, turn on a playlist and cook. It can be relaxing and at the end you’re rewarded with a healthy (or not so healthy, but delicious) treat. Even if you're a horrible cook you can use this as a time to learn, even if it comes out badly nobody has to know but you.

Try a new Makeup Look

Pull up a YouTube tutorial or a picture for inspiration and do your makeup even if you're not going anywhere. When you're done, admire how great you look and have a photoshoot. Even if you don't typically wear makeup that's fine. Feel free to change it up and try a new hairstyle instead or an outfit you wouldn’t normally wear. Overall the goal is to remember how amazing and beautiful you are.

Take a Nap

College students tend to put sleep on the backburner in order to get everything else done. On your self care day, don't be afraid to just take a nap and catch up on sleep. Getting your recommended amount of sleep can improve your mood and mental health.

Be Selfish

While being selfish does seem to have a negative connotation, sometimes it’s okay to do just that. If you need to say no to people in order to protect yourself and your wellbeing, that’s okay. While it’s great to always be there for other people, sometimes you just need to be there for yourself.



A lot of times self care isn’t seen as important when in reality it’s very necessary. Don't forget to sometimes take some time for yourself to just breathe. Life can be full of stressors but just as important as it is to get your job or work done it’s important to make time to take care of your body and yourself.

Stacey Addo

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I love theater, music and fashion. In my free time I love to write, read a good book or relax with netflix and icecream. I love baking sweets and trying new foods. I aspire to live my life traveling and creating.
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