Satisfying Images To Soothe You Through Finals

With finals week quickly approaching (some of us are already drowning in the fate we have sealed with procrastination), we all need something quick and refreshing. In the calamity of the final days, I thought some orderly and satisfying images were in order. Look through this list and let your brain be comforted with the stillness and fulfilling nature of these photos.


Mmmm… All sharpened perfectly, in order of color, symmetrical in every way. Wonderful.


I'm not sure how this worked, but I'm so very glad it did. The use of the four corners to fill the bag is totally satisfying.


I actually don't know what kind of cereal this is. Is it multiple types or simply cheerios bleached and dyed? Either way, the gradient of color in this square of circles is so satisfying.


I'm not sure what supermarket this is, but the full stock of drinks organized precisely so is astonishing. Whoever did this should be employee of the year.


Rainbow foods are normally satisfying because of the even layers and clear cut lines of color. No blending or mixing, just pure color. However, this Jell-O or whatever this is looks gross.  


How did this person get just the right amount of blueberries to fit on this cake without any falling off? Without any empty spaces? It seems impossible, but I would love to have a piece.

I love Chuck's- especially dirty Chuck's. The circle made with the different colors of shoes along with the cross in the center from the pavement is the best.


Not sure how this happened, but each page blended individually makes this something that took a lot of time and probably resulted in an unproductive work day.


Was this a printing mistake or was it fully intentional? Did the designer know if they did this more people would want to buy both boxes?


Is this heaven on earth? I have never seen a produce aisle so abundantly (and perfectly) stocked. I'd eat more vegetables if they were all arranged in such a pleasing manner.

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