Self Care While You’re Stressed

As students, we all experience varying levels of stress, whether it’s during exams, a hectic move-in week, or due to personal circumstances. No matter the source, when you experience stress it is easy to forget about your self-care needs. Taking time to focus on yourself will keep you healthy while also helping to alleviate some of the pressure. Here are a few self-care tips to keep in mind.

  1. 1. Go to a workout class

    Whether you enjoy cycling, dance or an intense workout, taking time to go to a class will take your mind off of the stress while also allowing you to take out some of your pent up anger and frustration. Plus, exercise is very important for mental and physical health. On campus, the ARC offers free classes during the first week of each semester - this is a great stepping stone to incorporating working out into your routine.

  2. 2. Schedule in breaks

    During a heavy work week, you may find yourself focusing all of your energy on school without taking any breaks. A common misconception is that working straight rather than taking breaks allows you to get more work done, when in reality, you won’t retain as much information without giving your brain time to rest. Scheduling 10-15 minute breaks every few hours of school work will give you a chance to do something fun like watching Netflix or reading a book. This will provide you with temporary separation from your stress and will enable you to return to work refreshed with more energy to learn.

  3. 3. Reconnect with a family member or friend

    Take the time to reach out to someone in your life who can comfort and ground you. Whether it is in person or over FaceTime, this interaction will give you the opportunity to vent. In doing so, you will release stress and remind yourself of the good things in your life. Interacting with others can give you a fresh perspective when it can be difficult to see the positivity in your life while under pressure.

  4. 4. Volunteer

    This is a positive and productive method of stress relief if you have a few available hours each week. Volunteering for a club or in the Kingston community is not only a great resume booster, but is also something that you can add to your routine to help alleviate stress. You can focus and excel in this task, which, in turn, will distract you from your stress. For further positive reinforcement, make a volunteering goal and you will feel great when you achieve it!

  5. 5. Treat yourself

    An effective cure for stress is indulging in your favourite snack. This method can be beneficial as you can eat your food of choice while continuing to be productive and it will also bring you happiness by feeding your mind and body.