How To Make It Through March

So there is one month left of school, and "How did that happen?" you may ask.

I have no idea - but there is only one month left!

Now, this is both a great and a terrible thing.

You can look at it as one month until exams and then it is finally summer. You can see it as only 30 days until no more class, no more 8:30s. I mean, March is great - you just got back from reading week and have new motivation, and it only has to last a month! I mean, that is if we do not think about exa - shhh, we do not need to think about that yet. You can begin to enjoy the weather, or at least you could if spring would arrive! With this mindset, March can be a positive month.


You can see it negatively. It is pretty easy to think of all the bad things March brings. I mean, if we are one month to exams, it also means we are two months from being done another year of university, and are another year closer to real life, whatever that may be. Not to mention, you now have only two months to find a summer job if you have not yet. You probably have interviews all of March too because somehow employers seem to think telling us in April if we got the job is okay. You can also freak out about having about one month to raise your grades before exams and having like 60 assignments due during week 12, because apparently giving mid-terms at the end of the term does not seem wrong to Queen’s profs.

Obviously the better mindset to adopt is a positive one! But how do we keep all those upcoming assignments from getting to us?

  1. Avoid thinking about it. This works really well. If you do not think about it, then it is not real, right? This will not actually work, but definitely do not do the opposite, because at the end of the day they are just assignments that will not matter in a couple of months.

  2. Enjoy yourself! It is the last month of school before we are all back home, busy with summer jobs and separated by long distances. So make sure to spend lots of time with friends and have fun - you’ve earned it!

  3. Take everything week by week - there are only four in a month! So you only need to survive four weeks, which is easier than 30 days. You’ve got this!

  4. Reflect on all you have accomplished this school year! I am sure that it will give you that boost of confidence you need to finish the semester off strong.

  5. Relish in the thought that flu-season is coming to its end and the sun will soon be visible! I think that this is enough to get anyone through the half-winter-half-spring-like month we call March.