How to Be a Morning Person

We all have one friend who has cooked breakfast, worked out, cleaned their room, went for a walk and did some homework all before 8 am.  If I am describing you, I commend you,  because my internal clock is in denial, believing productivity at 2 am is a healthy life choice. While there are morning people and night people, and tasks can be realistically be completed at any time, it is actually the morning person who is making the healthier choice for their mind, body, and mood. Going to sleep earlier and waking up earlier actually increases the number of quality restful hours you can have. The later you stay awake, the more likely you are to have negative thoughts or thoughts of anxieties that disturb sleep. Waking up earlier also promotes productivity. If you wake up with time to spare before work or class you will not feel rushed and instead be prepared to tackle your to-do list for the day. I know, first hand, becoming a morning person is not an easy task. Here are some tips on how to adjust your schedule and motivate you to wake up in order for you to experience the benefits of sticking to these routines.

  1. 1. Do not nap throughout the day.

    This rule is difficult for me, as a student, I love a good mid-day nap. These naps are more often than not ineffective and actually results in me staying up later that night. While a 15-minute power nap is excusable, anything longer than an hour throws off your sleep schedule. You will have a harder time falling asleep at night and therefore are less likely to wake up early the next day. Furthermore, long naps can leave you feeling behind in your tasks inducing feelings of major stress.

  2. 2. Purchase early workout classes or schedule a morning exercise with a friend.

    Exercise is amazing for your physical, mental and emotional health, especially in the morning. You will feel productive, successful and proud, all positive feelings that leave you motivated for the rest of the day. Scheduling these workouts either by paying in advance or having someone who keeps you accountable will ensure you maintain the commitment.

  3. 3. Make a to-do list and do the hardest task in the morning.

    Procrastination is the ultimate enemy and we all know how quickly a day can pass before when we are avoiding the difficult task in front of us. The morning may actually be the easiest time to complete this task since you do not have work, school, or social commitments. Chances are no one is even up to talk to. You can create a productive space with no distractions and complete the task. By crossing that off first thing in the morning you will be able to alleviate stress and start the day off productively. 

  4. 4. Make your bed in the morning.

    It is all too easy to want to jump back into bed when you are tired. Making your bed will remove this temptation. A clean room promotes a clear mind. 

  5. 5. Eat a good breakfast.

    This point is very important because a good breakfast will give you the energy to be productive that day. A small breakfast or skipping the meal all together will leave you tired, more prone to nap and less motivated to complete your tasks. Breakfast does not have to be intricate, just try to cover the four food groups and give yourself the nutrients to start the day off right. Fruits, eggs, yogurt, smoothies, vegetable omelets, and oats are all great options to include in any breakfast.

At the start of this new decade let’s be the best versions of ourselves, get 8 hours of sleep and have a happy, healthy, mind and body. Let 2020 be the year you can proudly say you are a morning person.