8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Rock Dunder Before Winter

If you haven’t heard of it, you should have. The place to go, the place to see, and the place to be seen. What is it you might ask? It’s the epitome of Queen’s fall; it’s Rock Dunder. What makes it so special? Why should you go? Check out these 8 rocking reasons!

1. The Instagram Photo

Let’s not pretend that the real reason most of us take any hike at all is not at least in some small part for the Instagram. Rock Dunder has the sweetest fall background for your autumn post. You don’t even need to go further than “Thankful for this view” with the caption, how easy is that? Also, come on, do you know how many people will be envious of not only your good camera quality, but also that you made it to the mysterious Rock Dunder?

2. Bragging Rights

Honestly, there should be a bar for this because getting to Rock Dunder is no easy task. It’s about a 40 minute drive from Queen’s which is a lot when most of us won’t even walk to Botteral for class. Once you’ve gone to the mysterious Rock Dunder that passes everyone’s Instagram feeds, everyone will be asking the question; where actually is it? But you can’t say! The bragging rights come with the mystery of this magical place even farther than west of west.

3. Fresh Air!

Do you even know what fresh air smells like anymore after being condemned to the cement city which is Queen’s? Well, be prepared to be hit with what trees smell like! What are those? I’m sure you’ll remember them when you see them.

4. Exercise

Don’t feel like going to the gym? A hike counts as a workout right? Grab your favourite trail mix and hit the forest. What better way to get in your 150 than to go on a colourful hike? Did I mention the trees would be beautiful in fall? Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone you only ate the M&Ms in the trail mix.

5. Therapeutic

Ever heard of forest therapy? It’s a thing! During your hike, take some time to let go of your assignments, your drama, and your plans for next weekend. Take in the nature around you and focus on the forest. Once you are able to do that, I swear you’ll feel like you just got back from Florida. And if that doesn’t do it, the view is therapeutic enough.

6. Road Trip!

What better way is there to spend time with your friends than a road trip and hike? Take the day to appreciate the amazing friends you’ve made at Queen’s and capture the memories at the top of the hike! Upgrade your hike to a picnic if you want! Bond over your hunger and exhaustion at the end with all your fall favourites: pumpkin pie, apple cider, sweet potatoes, turkey, and so much more!

7. Winter is Coming

As soon as November 1st hits, the Halloween candy goes on sale and the Christmas music is playing, so why not take in what fall has to offer before everything is covered in snow? Soon leaving the house will be a trek enough and we have to take advantage of the outdoors before they become an ice desert.

8. Exams are Coming

With winter comes midterms and exams. Before entering the cold and harsh times, take some time to re-energize and destress with a nice hike in the woods. You can’t bring your laptop and you don’t have internet so Rock Dunder is the perfect excuse to step outside of the school bubble and remind yourself that there are other things out there!