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The 6 Different Kinds of People You’ll See in the Douglas Library Reading Rooms

We've all had our fair share of long nights and early mornings at the different libraries on campus. With this, you begin to recognize all the usuals that hang around every inch of this place. Here are just a few that come to mind. 

1. The student in between classes

Catch them with a Co-Gro coffee and a Top Secret bagel while they check emails or watch a few YouTube videos during their hour-long break between lectures.

2. The group of first years that will. not. stop. talking.

These students usually travel in groups no smaller than 4, constantly whispering to each other and trying to scout out seats together so they can spend the next 3 hours spilling tea rather than actually doing readings.

3. The Reading Room Regular

You don’t know their name, but you can always count on seeing them from 4 in the afternoon until closing on a Tuesday night – and they are almost always at that one round table in the middle.

4. The Serious Studier who has been there all day

They most definitely have an array of paper coffee cups around their work station, their headphones in, and papers all across their desk. They’ll probably only end up talking to you if they need to ask you to watch their stuff while they go on another caffeine run.

5. The student who exclusively learns through Crash Course videos

Find them furiously jotting down notes while trying to keep up with John or Hank Green.

6. The student that just comes in for the ‘gram

They’ve definitely never brought a book into this library, and only spend about 5 minutes inside – to either snap a few pics of the stained glass windows or to show their parents the place where they allege to spend hours of their time studying.

Cassidy McMackon is a fourth year philosophy student at Queen's University, and Vice President of the Her Campus Queen's U chapter. She loves coffee, bubble baths, and can most often be found in Douglas Library or Balzac's coffee shop with her nose in a book.
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