5 Ways to Get to Know Your Professor

  1. 1. Go to class!

    You might think that your prof never notices when you skip class, and this may be true (especially in huge lectures). But if you want your prof to know you, it’s absolutely essential that you show up (and pay attention!). For extra points, sit at the front. 

  2. 2. Talk to them about your assignments.

    Not only will you end up getting a better mark than you would have if you didn’t get help, but it also shows your prof that you take your work seriously.

  3. 3. Ask them for some suggested readings on a certain topic.

    If there’s a topic or issue in the course that you find especially interesting, email your prof and ask them to send you any material that they would recommend. If you don’t have time to read it all don’t stress—it’s the thought that counts.

  4. 4. Say thanks.

    If you have a prof that you particularly like, pop into their office hours and let them know! Everyone likes to feel appreciated.

  5. 5. Ask for their opinion.

    Take advantage of the fact that your profs are experts. If you see something in the news that relates to your course or you think they might have some interesting insight on, ask them! They’ll be happy to talk about it.