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3 Things to Consider When Changing Your Major

If you successfully chose the perfect undergraduate program upon entering university, then hats off to you! While it is certainly less time consuming to have your academic path pre-planned, it is not as uncommon as you may think to change your route to meet your goals. University is filled with opportunity. I have changed my major once and my minor several times over the last four years. Sometimes it is not so easy finding your ideal program. Here are a few reasons why you should consider changing your major if you find your current path just isn’t right for you:

1. If you are unhappy with it now, why not look into something you enjoy?

Use your undergrad as a stepping stone. It is one piece of an even bigger puzzle, but skipping over it makes getting from point A to B a little harder. Think about it this way, you are working towards your degree right now. Chances are the field you are working towards is relevant to your degree program. Thankfully there are often multiple program options that work with the career you want. Do a little digging into qualifications and I’m sure you will find that you have choices available. Don’t feel like you are swaying from the one and only path you have to take. All roads lead somewhere and if you’re enrolled in a program that you enjoy, the destination will be even more worth it in the end.

2. There is a reason there are so many programs available… there is something for everyone!

Have you ever actually taken a good look at all of the options that are available here at Queen’s? Taking a deeper look at the Arts and Science faculty specifically, it houses 7 program options filled with varying content and departments. Even just looking at all of the choices is eye opening. We all have different preferences, skills and hobbies which help to form our varying degrees of success. Think about your personal interests and look into what makes the best fit for you. There are often lots of societal, familial, and even peer pressures on the programs we enroll in. Don’t forget that this is your future and your chance to find your passion. You shouldn’t feel obligated to pursue what someone else has chosen for you.

Take a look at the Arts and Science program options here!

If you are curious about faculty switching, follow this link.

3. If you’re not sure if you want to change into something else, check out a Personal Interest Credit (PIC).

For those times when you’re not sure whether it’s the program you dislike or if it may just be some of the courses you have to take, consider taking a personal interest credit. If you are in Arts and Science, in good academic standing and have taken 24 units minimum towards your degree program you are eligible to take a PIC. These are also excellent options if you are simply looking into having a more interdisciplinary approach to your studies. Everyone who fits the above criteria is permitted to take up to 6 units of Pass/Fail credit options towards their degree program. While PIC courses can’t be a course designated as a core option for your current or desired program, this is a nice way to get your foot in the door and experience a new department. It also has the smallest impact on your academics if it does not turn out how you had hoped.

More information about the personal interest credit can be found here.

Still not sure?

If after reading this article you have more questions about changing your program, feel free to contact an Academic Advisor. They are here to help you! If anyone is worth having a chat with about this sort of this, it’s them. It is their jobs after all. Make an appointment as soon as possible so you can work through your options and what you would like to do. They will be able to make the process as easy as possible.

Advising contact info: https://www.queensu.ca/artsci/about/contacts

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