10 Things Fourth Years Can Relate to in Week 5

1. Experiencing SENIORITIS.

It’s real, people!  Why finish an assignment in advance when you can submit it a minute before it’s due?

If it works, it works.

2. Taking lower-year courses.

When you take a level-100 class and walk in like:

3. Seeing high schoolers on campus and suddenly feeling very, very old.

4. Clubbing.

Suddenly it seems like too much work. Go out in -25 weather, or "Netflix-and-eat" the night away?

5. Going out and feeling like an 82-year-old trying to fit in with "the youths."

Age is just a number, y’all.

6. Or, realizing that the clubs just aren’t as hyped as they used to be.

7. Wishing that the weeks weren’t passing by like crazy and that time could pause for just two seconds.

Like, how is it week five already?  

8. Speaking of little time, if you’re graduating in the Spring, just -

No words.

9. Trying to pretend you're not graduating in a few months.

There’s really no right time to talk about graduation. When the topic comes up, everyone goes berserk.

10. Putting in that extra effort to make your last semester count, with the people who make it count.

Or, since inner age doesn’t matter: