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You Are Not a Superhuman: Take Time to Recharge Now!

It feels like it’ll never stop, doesn’t it?

Day after day, studying yourself to sleep. Arriving with a flustered smile to meetings that don’t
fit in your schedule anymore. Making it home at dawn on the weekends after what were perhaps
too many parties. Every week you say to yourself, “I just need to get through this week and it
will be okay”, just for the following one to be even harder and full of more assignments, quizzes
and responsibilities.

It happens to all of us: we put so much more on our plate than we can actually carry, especially
in college. The result? Exhaustion. Burnout. Fatigue. Your hair starts falling out, your eyebags
become a permanent feature on your face and you can’t manage to stay awake in class. Maybe
you start to mix up deadlines and even forget to turn in work. Need I say more? Burning out
from doing too much can have a serious impact on your health and wellbeing. It can lead to more
serious issues such as mental illnesses, eating disorders, chronic fatigue and loss of menstruation.

I know: you feel like you can-and have to-do everything that is humanly possible to feel a sense
of success. Believe me, I am an overachiever too. But also trust me when I tell you that, in the
long run, overachieving will actually damage your health rather than benefit any other aspect of
your life. As important as it is to achieve your goals, it is essential that you take care of yourself,
too. We are not superhumans, despite what Marvel may tell us.

Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Make nourishing foods that comfort your soul and body,
move in ways that spark joy. Actually get some sleep (yes, you need it) and light a candle. Say
no if you need time to recharge, and keep track of obligations you must attend urgently. Take
care of your heart too: watch your favorite movie or TV show, read a book and listen to soothing
songs (or sad ones, we don’t judge here). Deliberately pausing in a world that constantly forces
us to rush everywhere is a gift to your mind, body and soul, and your future self will definitely
thank you for it. Sometimes we truly need to disconnect in order to connect. Go ahead and turn
on Gilmore Girls and make yourself some pasta. You deserve it.

Alessandra is a Peruvian student studying Management a Purdue. She loves travel, dance and amazing food. You can find her doing various sports, eating smoothie bowls , reading books and watching movies and TV shows. She loves going out, swimming and listening to an unhealthy amount of One Direction songs.
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