How to Get Used To Change

This semester, the most unexpected thing happened. My laptop broke.


To be specific, my keyboard stopped working, and I couldn’t log in. It kept on typing in all caps. It was the most surreal thing I’ve experienced.


I thought calling Apple support would help, but unfortunately, they didn’t have a clear-cut solution for me. They told me that there’s “something wrong with the internal hardware”, so it would be best if I brought it in to an Apple store.


Thankfully, my parents were able to get me a temporary laptop for the time being while I waited for my old laptop to be fixed. I’m so grateful for them.


I’m typing this article currently on my new laptop, and not going to lie, I miss my old laptop. This laptop feels different. Even typing feels different.


Then again, this is just a minor change, if we’re being relative. I mean, our whole world changed exactly one year ago with the pandemic. Who knew that we would have to start wearing masks and not be able to see our friends and family for a while?


The pandemic definitely affected us all in some way. My mental health spiraled downward during quarantine because I just kept on thinking about “what could have been” and “what would have happened”.


Eventually, I realized that it’s exhausting thinking about your life in your head when you’re not really doing a good job living in the present.


I went through a lot of changes in the start of 2021. Every single time something changed in my routine, I would break down. As an individual who struggles with anxiety, I always wanted things to be in my control.


After thinking about it, I realized: isn’t life just a whole bunch of changes thrown at us?


It’s not like we were born knowing what our life would look like.


It’s definitely a mindset switch I’ve had to adapt, but once I’ve realized that I can’t control what happens to me, I feel a bit more free. It takes a while to adapt that mindset, and I’m not one to preach about how perfect I am, because we all have bad days.


However, I think small things like making sure you’re getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and overall just caring for your body helps a lot. I’ve noticed that when I sleep at a set time, I feel better mentally, and I’m able to do more during the day.


I think we’re all going through it right now. Taking the time to step back and realize how far you’ve come can ease the anxiety for the future. You’ve already made it so far, so give yourself some credit!