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Are Pre-Workout Supplements Necessary for an Intense Workout?

“Pre-workout”, a colloquialism for caffeine supplements, has taken the fitness community by
storm. With the rise of fitness influencers and tiktok, pre-workout supplements have become
increasingly popular among their audience. Although some experts claim they can improve your
fitness and give you energy during an intense workout, others argue they are dangerous and

What are pre-workout supplements?

Pre-workout supplements are a multi-ingredient vitamin or powder that aim to boost energy and
athletic performance. They’re usually available as a soluble powder mix to drink either before or
during an intense workout. With a variety of flavors on the market, including GHOST’s Sonic
limeade and blue raspberry, their ingredients are not well known and mostly include caffeine,
amino acids, and B vitamins.

Are they good or bad for you?

Although some ingredients play a role in energy production and muscular strength, including
Creatine and Nitric Oxide, pre-workout supplements contain excess caffeine and artificial sugar.
While they are generally safe, caffeine can lead to negative side effects such as increased blood
pressure and anxiety. Most supplements contain as much caffeine as 2-3 cups of coffee. In
addition, pre-workout supplements are expensive; averaging $40-$50 dollars per jar. For a
cheaper option, before a workout, it’s more accessible to drink a cup of coffee or a piece of fruit.

Should you take a pre-workout supplement?

It’s really up to choice. If you prefer “pre-workout”, just be aware of how much caffeine you’re
consuming before a session at the gym. Personally, I would rather workout with my natural
energy before taking an artificial supplement. If you’re an athlete and staying active the majority
of the day, I think it’s a worthwhile investment. Just be wary about what you’re putting in your

So, what do you think? Good or bad? Let me know your thoughts down below.

Jordan is a sophomore at Purdue and majoring in History and German, along with a minor in Forensic Science. Originally from Indiana, she loves drinking chai lattes, playing tennis, binge-watching Netflix, and spending time with her golden-retriever dog, Beau.
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