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The 7 Stages of Sleep Deprivation

As the anticipation for Spring Break continues to grow, we have to overcome one of the biggest obstacles of this semester. Yep, I’m talking about midterms. It seems like there are one hundred things due in every class and each assignment takes hours to complete. I seem to be staying up extremely late every night and getting a couple hours of sleep each day. I get less and less sleep each night! On top of the mountains of homework to finish, midterms are right around the corner. This week and next week especially, I know I will not be the only one experiencing the seven stages of sleep deprivation.


Stage 1: Just get some caffeine and you’re good to go

The first stage is the easiest. At this point, all you need to function is caffeine. Without it, you’re basically useless.

Stage 2: Slap happy

You’re so tired that anything is funny and you cannot stop laughing to save your life.

Stage 3: Falling asleep in class


Stage 4: Anger

Any small thing can set you off and make you insanely annoyed.



Stage 5: Crying

Now that anger is out of the picture, it’s time for the one of the worst stages of all, straight-up tears.



Stage 6: Absolute Silence

After going on an emotional rollercoaster, you can’t find it in yourself to utter a single word.



Stage 7: Falling asleep anywhere

During the final stage, nothing can keep you awake. It’s time for you to crash and knock out for a couple hours of some much needed sleep.

All the way from Phoenix, Arizona, Janice attends Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, where she is currently a bioengineering major. Spending her time daydreaming Janice can be found jamming out to any song, watching netflix, or studying for the terrifying tests she has around the corner. You can follow her adventures @janichan on instagram.
Jennifer Rowella is from Ridgefield, Connecticut. She is a junior at Purdue University studying Speech, Language, and Hearing sciences and is the Senior Editor of Her Campus Purdue. Jennifer enjoys reading, cooking, watching too many episodes of Criminal Minds on Netflix, and being a part of various clubs on campus.