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Why my Apple Watch can be Both Good and Bad

I received my Apple Watch as a Christmas gift in 2019. I have not taken it off since. It has become something I rely on every day to track my lifestyle efficiently. Some may see this as another tech accessory that Apple wants you to purchase. I have grown to learn that this accessory can be so much more than you may ever even need. 

I have grown to learn that this watch has brought out both good and bad traits in its users. I see so many different benefits and disadvantages to this device each day. I have grown to need this watch for so many things, but there are days that I give myself a break from the tendency of overusing it. 

Why your Apple watch can be used for good! 

The one main motivation to purchase an Apple Watch is the motivation that this device gives you to move every day. The Apple Watch gives you the opportunity to track how much you stand, exercise and move in one day. These motions are tracked with rings. 

Each day your watch notifies you with reminders that your rings may not yet be completed and this is a push for you to complete your goal. The goal is for you to complete each ring by the end of every day. 

I have recently learned that your Apple Watch shapes to your personal level of exercise needs. It creates a specific level for you to accomplish each day and this goal will change as each week goes by that you complete these goals for yourself. 

The watch gives me the motivation to move because sometimes I may not even realize I spent the whole day sitting at my desk. When I get the notification that it is time for me to stand I know that this can give me a break not only to walk around but also give myself a break from whatever I may be doing. 

I have been able to become more mindful of small things like this to improve my overall lifestyle. I continue to listen to my watch when it tells me to stand or breathe because I know these actions will help me live a healthier life. 

One thing that I benefit from the most and one of the main reasons I wanted to purchase the Apple Watch is to track my workouts. This is a great way for me to visually track my progress, calories and heart rate. 

I also enjoyed having the option of using my Orange Theory membership to pair and track my calories with my Apple Watch. This gave me the opportunity to learn so much more about my personal heart rate and tracking calories. 

The watch is a perfect addition to any workout as it helps you in timing yourself and reading notifications that you receive on your phone while working out. 

How your Apple Watch can be a bad thing to use! 

Although there are so many positives to using this watch I have seen the downside to using the Apple Watch as well. The need to fill your rings can become an obsession that is not healthy for those who then forget to live their normal lifestyle.

This watch should be encouraging you to live a normal lifestyle, but it should not be seen as an imposition on your daily routine. Tracking calories burned can become a toxic state of mind and I do not encourage people to follow this if they are struggling to lose weight. 

The Apple Watch should be a guide to living healthy. It should be an encouragement, but you should also be a part of that encouragement as you are the only person you should be trying to become healthier for.

I am a Junior at Penn State studying Public Relations with a minor in Digital Media Trends and Analytics. I love fashion, food, and anything beauty-related which can be found a common trend throughout my articles.
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