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Ways to Maintain a Healthy Relationship with Yourself

We are all guilty of not focusing on ourselves enough — we get busy and lose track of our own needs and happiness. 


In these times, the relationship we have with ourselves can suffer. This is when it is essential to take a step back, focus, and better yourself to strengthen this relationship. There is always room for improvement, and there are things you could be doing every day to fulfill yourself. 


The more confidence you have in your self-relationship, the more stable and in tune with your body you will be. So, set aside time to do some of these suggestions and improve the most important relationship you have — your relationship with yourself.

Live in the moment and forgive yourself.

There is no past or future — only right now. Don’t always pressure yourself with what could be, what you should be doing, or what you need to do tomorrow. Live in the moment and take one step at a time. 


This also goes hand in hand with forgiving yourself. Don’t hold past mistakes over your head. There is no need to if mistakes are already over and done with. There is no way to change the past. So, learn from your mistakes and move forward. Let go and just live your best life. 

Think positively.

Being positive can be a lot easier said than done on some days. But, we all need to realize that negative thoughts lead to negative actions. If you dig yourself too deep into that hole, it can affect your entire outlook on life. 


So, try training yourself to see the positives in everything. They are always there. You just have to look for them. Eventually, it becomes second nature always to see the upside of things. Again, I know it is much easier said than done, but at least start seeing the bright side. Constantly thinking negatively will manifest it into your reality, so work on being more positive.


Do things solely for your own self-care and pamper yourself. This is necessary. 


Take an extra-long shower, do a face mask, get a manicure, listen to your favorite album on repeat, or cuddle up in bed for a movie. Then, make time to do what you like most – be with your friends or embrace a passion. Choose something that you may not have done in a while or an activity that will let you escape into yourself.

Log off.

Log out of your social media platforms for the day or even the week. The toxic trends online these days are not great for our mental health. Plus, the constant notifications and reminders are distracting when you’re trying to get work done. 


After a long, not-so-good day, it is also easy to get upset over something you see online. So, steer clear and do something to focus on yourself instead.

Keep a journal.

Writing down your thoughts and experiences in life is so beneficial. Keeping a journal boosts your self-awareness and forces you to reflect on your life. It is a healthy way to release unwanted feelings and leave them in the past. Sometimes it can be fun to look back and read some entries too. It shows you how much you’ve grown over time. 


It can also allow you to look deeper within yourself to understand how you handle certain situations. There is always room for improvement here to center yourself and better control your reactions. Another bonus is writing down any good thoughts you have because you never know when you’ll need them.

Take a break from work.

It is healthy to be productive and have a good drive, but we need our own time. I am very guilty of overworking myself, and sometimes it is hard to pull myself away. 


It is understandable to be stressed — it happens to everyone — but build in time for yourself. Taking breaks to recharge will help you get work done more thoroughly. Then, at the end of the day, know when to stop. 


Don’t overwork yourself because you want to get ahead. It is great to have things done already, but it is not healthy to do this on top of working the entire day. We aren’t machines. Pull yourself away and do one of the following activities. 

Read a book.

Books have so much knowledge and wisdom to offer us. They can teach us lessons about life, about ourselves, or they can help us to escape. There are thousands of personal development books to read to improve your financial stability, business, and individual self. 


Some novels then allow you to use your imagination and not think about anything else for a while. Using your imagination more often can make you more creative in the long run too.

Go for a walk and get outside.

Some of us do not get outside enough, and it shows. Sitting outside or going for a walk at a local park can miraculously improve your mood. We all need to breathe in the fresh air and feel the sun on our skin. 


It can be as simple as sitting outside to do your work, eating your lunch outside instead, or taking a 10-minute walk to start your day. Take your shoes off and feel the naked Earth under your feet— it can genuinely ground you. Look around at the beautiful world we have. Be grateful for it, and take advantage of it.

Meditate and ground yourself.

Meditating is one of the best ways to relax and become more in tune with your body. Focus on your breathing and letting thoughts naturally rise and fall. It can be difficult to do at first, but it will come naturally with practice. 


Plus, if you don’t think you can do it on your own, there are thousands of guided meditation videos online that you can practice with. Meditation releases so much stress, and it can lessen anxiety, too. It helps you get into the right mindset, and if you have the time, it is a fantastic thing to do every morning when you wake up. 


Or, you can always meditate before bed because it will relax you and possibly make you fall asleep faster. Meditating outside is also incredible for us. Feeling the Earth against your body and the fresh air filling your lungs is priceless. Whenever you decide to do it, start with a goal of meditating at least once a week.

Keep yourself organized, declutter.

When you have a lot to do for work or school on top of household chores, it is super beneficial to keep lists. Write down everything you have to get done each day, so you don’t risk forgetting something. Crossing tasks off a list is also one of the best feelings, in my opinion. 

Additionally, having a clean, organized area can facilitate a relaxed mind. It isn’t healthy to be surrounded by clutter. Decluttering could mean clearing things off your desk that you don’t use or getting rid of clothes you never wear.  That “spring cleaning” feeling is something you can achieve more than once a year.

Be proud of yourself.

Lastly, make yourself proud every single day. You can be proud of yourself for little things — like getting out of bed, making yourself a meal, or crossing things off your to-do list. Make these goals for yourself and achieve them one step at a time.

Be proud of yourself for these little steps and more. You deserve to be happy and proud of yourself.

Marlena is a third-year in the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications at Penn State where she is majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Psychology and Digital Media Trends and Analytics. She is so grateful to be at Penn State and loves learning more about communications, her peers, and herself every day. She hopes to use this knowledge and her own positive outlook to help others in any way she can.
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