Self-Love Accounts You Need to Follow

After scrolling through Instagram hours on end, eventually you find yourself comparing yourself to what you see on that little screen or questioning why you can’t look like these people or begin to think you will never be that happy in life. It starts to get old - obsessing over these things - I know for me it mentally drained me. I forgot to love myself. I realized I needed to have a more positive outlook on myself and my life. I made the decision to unfollow those accounts that made me feel like I wasn’t good enough the way I am. And with a bit of digging, filled my home feed with posts that only radiated positivity into my mind and filled me with confidence. I actually noticed a change in my life, every day I felt more confident. My mood was different, and my attitude transformed. I spent each day noticing more and more positive changes that affected everything I did. Here are those accounts I followed to help you remember you must always love yourself no matter what. 


1.     My Self Love Supply

2.     Full Spirit Quotes

3.     Sunny Bloom Inspiration 

4.     Girls Building Empires

5.     The Happiness Blog

6.     Got Your Back Girl

7.     The Feel Good Bible

8.     Self-Love Club

9.     Body Positive XOXO

10.  My personal favorite: All The Love n Pups


Do yourself a favor and add some optimism to your daily dose of social media. Hopefully these help you remember that self-love is important and taking care of your mental health can make a big impact in your life. 

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