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How to Peacefully Accept You’re Graduating

I haven’t been thinking about graduation at all.  It has been a fear of mine that I have pushed so far to the back of my head. It is a fear for all of us, and most of us aren’t exactly counting down the days until we start being real adults. I, for one, am not ready to start my whole new life.  


I’m halfway through senior year and still can’t understand that this is it.  Every day is full of lasts — and I completely understood that after I met with my advisor.  My twin brother got a job. I registered for my last semester of classes. I had my last sorority bid day. Finally, when my advisor told me I am all set to graduate, it freaked me out.  


I started to panic but then thought, this is normal.  It is a good thing that I am graduating. It feels better to accept that you will leave school soon instead of dreading it.  First, take a deep breath. It’s happening, and you can’t stop it. It is okay to be sad but also be excited about starting your new life as an adult. 


Second, look back at when you first got to school. Your 18-year-old self was very different than who you are now.  The past four years have been long and crazy, even though it felt like they flew by so quickly. Reflecting on college really helps you accept that it is finally ending and you had a good run.


Third, stop being sad and get excited. You are starting a new chapter in your life. New beginnings can be scary, but it’s also an opportunity to start fresh and meet lots of new people.  I haven’t found a job yet, which makes me more scared. But, I know after I find the perfect job for me, I will be thrilled to get to — hopefully — move to NYC and live out my dream.  


It is okay to be upset about graduating, and of course scared.  Just relax and get excited for your future. If you live in the past, there is no moving forward onto the rest of your life.  

Grace Catlett is a senior at Penn State University where she is pursuing a Public Relations major with a minor in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Management. Since her freshman year, she has been very involved with her sorority, Delta Gamma. She was the director of social events for Delta Gamma and loves event planning! While she loves social media and public relations, her dream job is to become a wedding planner. She also loves fashion and is a TV show enthusiast.
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