Best Instagram Accounts for At Home Work Outs

Although gyms and workout studios are closed, staying active and working out at home can be just effective, as well as provide stress relief. I find that at school, I don’t prioritize going to the gym as much as I should, so I started doing at-home workouts. I have trouble coming up with ideas of workouts, so I follow a bunch of accounts to inspire my workouts, as well as motivate me to actually do them.

  1. 1. Blogilates

    Cassey Ho has really great at-home workouts. She focuses on pilates exercises without using weights in her videos, so there are no barriers to doing the workout. On her Instagram, she has created challenges, which are motivating and something to be easily added into a daily routine. She also posts some motivating quotes and easy and healthy recipes. Additionally, she has a blog and a youtube channel that have longer workouts than ones featured on her Instagram.

  2. 3. CaliFullerFit

    Cali Fuller frequently posts at-home workouts, as well as positive and motivating quotes. She also has a few gym programs that you can buy. She engages with her fans and always posts motivating content on her Instagram stories and her general posts. Her workouts are great and usually don’t need weights, so they are very easy to do at home.

  3. 4. WhitneyySimmons

    Whitney Simmons has really good at home workouts that will for sure make you sweat. She usually posts when she is at the gym. However, she has started doing at-home exercises as well. She posts workouts, motivation, and positivity, which have helped me be more dedicated to working out more. She also has an app called "Alive" and a youtube account, where she posts more workouts. Overall, if you are looking for a hard at-home workout, I suggest looking at her account. 

  4. 5. BiancaXXFranco

    If you are looking for someone to motivate you to get off the couch and workout/do something with your day, Bianca Franco is right for you. Not only does she post her at-home workouts, but she posts about positivity and productivity that have lifted me up, especially during a time like this. She also has a youtube channel where she posts vlogs about her workouts and her routine in quarantine.