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14 Productive Ways To Procrastinate

It’s that time of the semester when we’re all buried under a pile of responsibilities we don’t necessarily want to be dealing with at the moment. So, what better way is there than to completely ignore them by doing things that are totally productive, but not necessarily urgent? While we don’t necessarily condone completely ignoring your responsibilities, at least this way you’ll still be doing something remotely productive instead of, say, taking a nap or scrolling through Twitter and Instagram for hours. Here are a few things you could do other than homework that can still count as a win, even if it was never a top priority on your to-do list:


1. Meal prep

Even if it’s the same meal, it still counts.


2. Clean your room

Everything is fine.


3. Bake

It’s my personal go-to procrastination move.


4. Shower

That hair isn’t going to condition itself.


5. Do a facial mask

The weather’s getting dry so your skin might need some extra love.


6. Call your mom

She’ll be like…

And you’ll be like this for 30 minutes as she updates you on all the neighborhood and family gossip…

And then you’ll be like this for another 15 minutes as she tells you to take care of yourself, get good grades, call her more often and keep your room clean…


7. Organize your closet

You’ll feel so much better after you do.


8. Unpack your winter clothes and put away your summer clothes since we’ve officially hit cold weather

Is there no such thing as fall anymore? Did I miss it?


9. Do some laundry

Let’s face it: that pile’s just going to keep on growing, and you’re going to run out of socks eventually.


10. Go for a run/go to the gym

You’ve got this.


11. Go grocery shopping

Don’t forget to treat yourself.


12. Take your/your roommate’s/your friend’s dog for a walk

Really any dog will do.


13. Re-decorate your room in the holiday spirit

Is it too early to start listening to holiday music?


14. Set up your outfit for tomorrow

You’ll thank yourself in the morning.


Happy procrastinating, collegiettes – and please don’t forget to eventually do the work you’re trying to avoid!

Aisha is currently a senior at Penn State University, studying Telecommunications in the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications. She is a contributing writer and Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Penn State and her hobbies are reading, listening to music, and watching hockey. Originally hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia, her dream for the future is to someday be part of the book publishing industry, digital marketing or work on a media team for a sports team. 
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