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The Marketing Teacher We All Know and Love: Kirsten McAuley

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PS Behrend chapter.


Interested in Marketing at Penn State Behrend?

Meet Kirsten McAuley, The Black School of Business’ newest addition to the marketing team!

How long have you been teaching at Penn State Behrend?

I’ve been teaching at Behrend for three semesters now. I started in the fall of 2017.


What courses do you teach? Which course is your favorite course?

I teach MKTG 301: Principles of Marketing, MKTG 422: Advertising and Promotion, and MKTG 480: Social Media Marketing. I can’t pick a favorite because I like them all for different reasons. 301 is fun because it is an introduction to the field for many students. 422 involves creating a variety of content and analyzing media tactics. 480 is interesting because of social media changes rapidly, so in class, we are always looking at current events and trends.


How do you keep students engaged in your classes?

I involve a lot of real-world examples that help students relate more to the content. I also try to break up my lectures with mini activities.


Where did you go to school? How was your experience there?

I went to college at Niagara University for my undergraduate degree. I was very involved in the Communication Studies department and developed a love for producing content and being creative. I also played hockey and was involved in the student radio station. I received my master’s degree from Canisius College in Buffalo, NY.


Have you had any other jobs besides teaching college?

Yes, prior to coming to Behrend I was a multimedia specialist at Penn State University Park for two years. It was a great job because I got to be creative and also helped others learn how to produce media. Before PSU, I worked as a communications coordinator after I graduated with my master’s degree. During college, I had several jobs but my favorite was as a counselor at a hockey camp in Ontario.

What clubs are you an advisor for?

I’m a co-advisor for Marketing Club and also advising the Behrend Student Honors Association this year.


How is it being a very young teacher? Are there any professors that you look up to?

I think that being young (thanks for that, by the way!) helps me relate to the students, but it can sometimes be a challenge for me when I need to be strict. I had some amazing professors in undergrad that I try to emulate. They were always so helpful and wanted me to succeed.

At Behrend, I have colleagues that I’ve gone to when I have questions. The staff in the School of Business office has been awesome as a resource, as well.


What’s your favorite commercial and brand? Why?

My favorite commercial brand is The North Face. I like that they stand for environmental issues and try to make an impact through their advertising. As someone who loves the outdoors, I also know and trust their gear.


Do you have pets?

Charlie Brown is my mini-dachshund. He’s 10 years young now.


What is your advice for students who are interested in Marketing?

For any student interested in marketing, I’d say that it is essential that they get involved with the major and start building their professional networks. Marketing Club is a great club to join to learn about the marketing field, connect with other marketing majors, and get outside-of-class experience with marketing projects.

Students should also start building their professional networks. During my time at Behrend, I’ve seen so many business professionals come in to speak to students. My advice would be to reach out to those people on LinkedIn and send a thank you. Connect with professors here. We all have connections with people in the industry.


Thank you for sharing some information about your life and thank-you for being an awesome professor.


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