Common Misconceptions About the Gyno


Have you seen a gynecologist yet? If you are a women and the answer is no… girl… we need to talk. Women’s sexual health is such an important subject that is not stressed enough, especially when needed the most. There are many misconceptions about seeing a gyno… but don’t worry Collegiettes, I am hear to guide you to the vaginal truth.



1. I don’t have to go to the gyno until I have sex!

LIES. LIES. LIES. It is suggested that women start going to the gyno regularly staring between the ages of 13-15, regardless of sexual activity. The gyno serves as a wonderful resource to ask questions about sexual development that may be uncomfortable to ask parents and friends. It’s important to have a strong knowledge of your body and how it should work at an early age. This leads to higher confidence and allows you to notice changes that might be important later in life.

2. It’s okay to not be completely honest with my gyno.

I get this. My first few visits, I slightly changed the truth when it came to my number of sexual partners and silly things. I sooner realized there is zero point in lying to your gyno. What you tell them is confidential, they will not judge you. If you aren’t honest, your doctor cannot properly do their job.

3. I would know if I have an STD.

There are not always obvious symptoms that scream “YOU HAVE AN STD”. There are often silent symptoms that may not be obvious for months.  STD’s are becoming more and more common. So while it isn’t shameful to get one (because let’s all be real… things happen), it can be dangerous. Therefore, early detection can prevent things like infertility and cancer. Also, if found soon enough a lot of STDs can easily be cured with medication.

4. Going to the gyno is just not that important.

Well that’s just wrong. Going the gynecologist is immensely important for many reasons, including the ones I have already mentioned. There are also many other important things that you gyno does. According to Hopkins Medicine Research, virtually every woman is affected by a gynecological condition or infection at some time during her life. I know it sounds scary but it doesn’t have to be because the gynecologist provides information to prevent and they allow the opportunity for early detection… which can be literally life saving. Ovarian cancer kills more women than any other cancer of the reproductive system. Once again early detection is a women’s best friend in this case.

I hope this does make you think a little bit more about how important it is to go see your gyno. Trust your gyno and their profession. It’s once a year… I promise you can do it! If you love your vagina, it will love you back!


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