Bye Bye Meal Plan

What happens when you find yourself starving and having to cook for yourself? Without having the luxury of going to the dining hall to get the sometimes yummy, but always ready and hot food, how does one cope with the actual responsibility of having to cook for themselves? Well it’s time to figure out how to cope with the fact that you have to cook for yourself.


Put on your big kid pants – First you have to put all your past cooking mess-ups behind you, and cope with the fact that you’re going to have to cook again. Adulting is hard, but cooking is a fundamental skill that all adults will use in their lives. You have to get rid of the mental block of not being able to cook and think that you are the next Rachel Ray so you can actually get started.


Weekly shopping lists – Make a shopping list every week of the necessities (water, bread, milk, eggs, etc.) and then add things so that you physically see it and you know that you’ll have to go out. You’ll have to commit to actually going out and buying the things, but if you continually see it you are more likely to go out and do it. Also if you set a day every week or two to consistently go out and buy groceries, then your fridge should never be empty.

Turn the chore into something relaxing – College is stressful, between classes and activities, sometimes cooking can be the last thing you want to do. However, if you flip that and make cooking something you enjoy then it’ll be that much easier to do. Use cooking as a way to get away from your schoolwork and your stress, and at the end of it you end up with a yummy meal.


Nonperishable items – Canned vegetables, canned meats (tuna/chicken), beans, pastas, etc. These are super easy to make items because most times they are pre or par cooked. It doesn’t take much time for the people who are on the go, but it turns into something delicious. Do you know how easy it is to make a can of asparagus and some boxed mashed potatoes for dinner, try it out, you’ll thank me later.

Ready to Eat Foods – It is okay to have nights where you don’t feel like adulting, where you pop something into the microwave so you can get your 4 hours of homework done. Lean Cuisines are great options, because even though it’s a bit high in sodium it offers fiber and protein so that you are able to continue going. It also helps because it cuts down on cooking time, while actually giving you something satisfying.


Buzzfeed Tasty Videos – If you’re not completely comfortable with cooking, Buzzfeed Tasty videos shows you step by step meals and snacks. These are super helpful for people who do not feel well-versed in the kitchen. Also, since you get to follow along there is very little chance of you messing up and burning your apartment down. The food is also super tasty too, so added bonus!


SNACKS!!!! – Keep a healthy supply of snacks on hand, so when you don’t feel like having a full meal you have something quick you can grab. Have a snack drawer where you can grab something bad for you every now and then, but also have a supply of healthy snacks. Nourish your body even when snacking.



You got this! Go forth and cook wonderful things! 


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