Best/Worst Things We Did As Freshmen

Hannah Montana was quick to acknowledge that everyone makes mistakes and so now it’s our turn to let you in on the best and the worst things we did when we were freshmen. Looking back, some of the the things we did seem small, while others have left a lasting lesson for us. If you want to survive your freshman year, we think taking to heart some of the things we learned will help you get there.




BEST: Got involved with clubs and organizations. 

Clubs, in my opinion, are the best way to meet new people in college. If you show up at a meeting, everyone in that club will share that common interest of the club. This makes it a little easier to break the ice and meet new people even if the club ends up not being right for you.


WORST: Don’t get involved.

I was scared to do things alone during my freshman year and that kept me from doing the things that I knew I wanted to do. I was convinced that I would die if I went through recruitment alone. I knew I wanted to be apart of Fraternity and Sorority Life long before I even started applying for colleges, but when it came time to actually go through with it I was left shaking in my (riding) boots.


BEST: Be open to any and all things and ideas.

College is widely known as a place to experiment. So why not? *shrug* (but also don’t do anything that could hurt yourself and others) Use these next short years to challenge your own ideas and opinions and maybe even create new ones along the way.




WORST: Only do what your roommates do.

Freshman year, I was the exact definition of a scared freshman. I didn't know how to talk to people and would only hang out with my roommates (which is normal to a certain extent) and so when no one wanted to get involved with any clubs or organizations, I chose not to get involved as well.


BEST/WORST (but necessary): Go to a fraternity party.

I think this is an experience most people should have at least once to decide what sort of outing suits them. For example, I learned that I’m basically the song “Here” by Alessia Cara.


WORST: Vladimir Vodka (or any other rubbing-alcohol type vodka).

Being 21 and in college, alcohol is expensive and although Vlad is cheap and gets the job done, you will probably regret it within the first sip.I have seen hibachi restaurants use handles of this vodka to clean the griddles if that says anything.




BEST: Don’t be afraid of transferring schools.

Personally, I love Behrend and I wish everyone could love it as much as I do, but I know that the likelihood of this always being the case is relatively low. Behrend was the second college that I have attended and there is not a day that goes by where I am not happy that I transferred. If you aren't feeling the campus you’re in, first try giving it a real chance, but if it still doesn't feel like home to you start looking for a school that will.


WORST: Don’t go to class.

I was over the moon with the amount of freedom I had my freshman year, like most people, it was the most I had ever really had. Because I could suddenly set my own schedule, I found myself opting to binge whatever show I was into at the time instead of haul myself to class for an hour. Trust me, you will feel so much better if you go to class and most of the time your grades will be better too.


BEST: Use a planner!

Easily one of the best things I did for myself as a freshman (and still do today) is write all of my assignments in my planner. It has helped keep me so organized over the years and I sing my praises for it quite regularly.




Enjoy your year, Collegiettes, before you know it you will be sophomores ready to pass down your mistakes and good choices onto the next freshmen class!