Adulting in College

It’s crazy to think, but in four years or less you’ll be taking on the real world.  That’s right, it will be time to adult!  But what exactly IS adulting?  


According to American Speech, adulting is to behave in an adult manner; engage in activities associated with adulthood. Sounds a bit daunting, right?  It can be, but all of you collegiettes are already adulting in some way or another! It can be shocking, but here are just some few ways that you are already adulting in college:


1.      You’re the chef

This may be the first time where you get to wear the chef hat.  You are deciding what to put in your body.  You have the option of whether to eat cake or a hearty breakfast of egg whites in the morning. What you eat affects how you approach every single day. 

2.      You get to do your own laundry

You are figuring out that the red sock you threw in with your whites was not the brightest (get it?) decision.  That there is the difference between whites and darks. Doing your own laundry also makes you realize that some clothes need to be ironed and shouldn't be thrown in balls in the back of your drawers.


3.     You’re responsible for yourself

You are figuring out when it is the best time to go to bed, whether you're that night owl or an early bird.  You are deciding if you should go to 8 A.M. or hit that snooze button for another “five minutes”. The contemplation on whether to go to that party or study for that exam becomes yours, and yours alone.



4.  You decide how you spend your money


College tuition, especially Penn State’s tuition, will knock the wind out of you. Spending money may be scarce so you have to decide if that $20 bucks goes to a bottle of wine, clothes, or food.  One word: Priorities.

5.      You’re making decisions that affect the rest of your life

Some of those decisions could be applying for an internship, taking that class that will help you discover an underlying passion, deciding to go to grad school, or even applying for a job.  All of these decisions have the ability to impact your life on a monumental scale.


What I am really getting at is that all college students are in fact adulting.  Does that mean you are not going to make mistakes? Of course not.  Are some of these things stressful? Absolutely, and you may feel like you can’t handle it all.  Somedays, you may not even want to adult.



 The whole point of adulting is to highlight moments where you are actually acting like an adult or doing adult activities.  Yet, we are already acting like adults in so many simple ways.  Adulting is a learning process and we are all beautiful works in progress.   Colliegettes, you are adulting in more ways than you think so you should definitely feel proud! HCXO


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