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Meet your Campus Correspondent Ashley!

This morning I sat down and interviewed my one of my best friends, roommate and co-campus correspondent, Ashley (aka Abuela)!  Here are a few interesting things/facts about my roomie!! 

Name: Ashley Santiago

Year: Senior/2017

Major/Minor: Marketing

Favorite Color: Blue

Spirit Animal: My Yorkie, Romeo

Hometown: Worcester, Massachusetts

Why did you decide to start Her Campus at PC?

            “I heard of her campus before I came to PC and I thought it was a really cool website. In my sophomore year some upperclassmen started the club and I joined. I liked that Her Campus really let us express ourselves however we wanted on the site and write about things we were really passionate about. The club just disappeared after that and when I got an email from HQ asking if I would apply to be a campus coordinator, I thought it would be a cool opportunity.”

Favorite class ever at PC?

            “Principles of Marketing, but it has to be with Janet Letourneau”

Favorite Netflix show right now?

            “If were talking Netflix Originals I would say ‘Narcos’, but for normal shows I’m binging on ‘The Office’, but I LOVE ‘Friends’.”

What advice would you give to freshman?

            “As cliché as it is, enjoy every moment and take advantage of every opportunity!  Freshman year is where you really get your GPA high so make sure you do well in all your classes!”

What are you going to miss most about PC?

            “Definitely living with my best friends.  I know we won’t be far apart and we quite possibly could end up being roommates again in the future, but it will never really be the same. We won’t be steps away from our favorite places, we won’t be up all night annoying each other, or be able to have everyone together at any given moment just because we’re bored.  College really is where you make your lifelong friends and I’m going to miss seeing them everyday. “

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