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What It’s Like to Live in HagTy

Spring semester’s in full swing, which means that housing selection’s right around the corner. Are you a rising junior or senior? Are you ready to leave the dorms, but you aren’t ready for total off-campus living? Well, moving to Haggerty and Tyson may be the living plan for you!

Haggerty and Tyson are different from the other traditional dorms on campus in that it’s apartment-style living. Through this, the residents in HagTy can still foster community in the same way the dorms do, but you get more independence and the feeling of living on your own at the same time. Take it from someone who’s lived in HagTy for two years now- it’s great! I really loved my dorm experience, but after two years, I was ready for something different, and HagTy has been the perfect fit for me. 

Here’s a little bit of information about HagTy first and foremost! It’s a coed community for juniors, seniors, and grad students. In Haggerty, there are 16 apartments, and in Tyson, 20 apartments. There are a number of different sized apartments, but the most common size is a 7 person unit. (I know, it may sound daunting at first to imagine living under the same roof with six other people, but it’s not bad. I promise!) Units are two stories and come with a full kitchen, a washer and dryer, and free cable. It’s awesome!

Additionally, there are a ton of ways to integrate yourself into the HagTy community. While there may be less programming than a traditional dorm, due to a lack of a Hall Council, there are still events happening very often! Once a week, check out hall mass or after mass social on Tuesday’s or Tea at Three on Friday’s; they’re all really great ways to get to know hall staff and your neighbors. There are also a few annual signature events that bring all of HagTy together, like Oktoberfest, the Christmas party, or the end-of-the-year barbeque. 

Regardless of what you are looking for in a potential living arrangement, you should definitely consider Haggerty and Tyson. It’s a wonderful place to live, and you won’t be disappointed. Good luck with housing!

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