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Midterm Motivation with Cute Animals

Midterms have arrived and all we are thinking about is Spring Break.  With the stresses of midterms, we are often bombarded with many papers, tests, and assignments, and our week and preparation can get hectic.  When this occurs for me at least, I tend to get stressed and overwhelmed.  As I look at my planner and to-do lists, my mind goes everywhere, and when this happens I begin to panic. 

Panic mode sets in, I freak out for about 5 minutes, take a deep breath and realize I need to get the show on the road.  Before I begin, I calm myself by either centering myself with a few minutes of silence or a short prayer or pep talk.  But something even better that I do at times is, I scroll through Pinterest and look at adorable photos of animals (mostly dogs).

So if you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, here are a few adorable photos of some adorable furry friends. 

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