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Hello Her Campus! 

My name is Kate Fine, and I am a co-correspondent for the University of Portland Chapter. I am a biology major with theatre and chemistry minors. In the future I hope to go into the medical field, while still pursuing traveling and my love for theatre. 

I am originally from the Seattle area and grew up dancing, acting, and doing homework. On the weekends, I would go skiing with my family or bike riding along the beach. 

I am a recent her campus member due to my amazing friend and former/future roommate Taylor. She told me that Her Campus would be an amazing experience for us to work together and a place she thought would accentuate my strengths in leadership and passion for female empowerment. 

Travel is a recent love of mine due to my study abroad in London last year! My favorite destinations include: London, Amsterdam, Florence and Paris! I hope to one day live abroad while drinking some fabulous wine and munching on a baguette! 

à bientô ! (until next time en français) 


Kathryn Fine

Portland '20

Hello, My name is Kathryn Fine and I am currently a student at The University of Portland. I am a Biology major who has a minor in Theatre and Chemistry. I am excited to be a part of HerCampus and help bring voices to this magazine.
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