Meet Aileen!

Meet UP's very own Aileen Callentano!

Year: Senior 

Position: 7th Floor RA in Mehling Hall, Chemistry TA

Major/Minor: Chemistry/Spanish 

Hometown: Eugene, OR 

Astrological Sign: LEO 

Last song you listened to: Dance To This (Troye Sivan, Ariana Grande) 

Childhood dream job: A lawyer, lol. My mom thought I'd be awesome at it because I would always argue with her. 

Most binge-worthy show: Bob's Burgers 

Celebrity crush: Jesse Williams, he's dreamy

Dream destination: anywhere with my fam! It's not about where I travel to, but who I travel with *sorry for the sap* 

Favorite UP spot: Swindells, it's where the magic happens. 

Favorite UP memory: BWW outings with the RA fam (+ other friends)