Give Poetry a Chance

I distinctly remember my 13 year old self dreading the poetry section in English class. Something about deciphering haikus and analyzing iambic pentameter to my wits end was not my idea of a good time. Despite this deep-seeded distaste for one of the most expressive forms of literature, over the past 3 years in college, I have grown more accustomed and even intrigued by poetry new and old, long and short.

I'm not sure how exactly it happened. One day, I was set in an opinion that seemed so logical to me. "Just say what you mean; why must poets and writers make EVERYTHING so complex and mysterious?" 


But then, suddenly, I realized one day that the world is not that simple, so people's experiences and feelings should not be either. Moreover, the way that they express those emotions should be their choice alone. Who was I to ever judge anyone for saying what they feel in their own way? While the message may never be clear to every reader, that very fact is what makes this type of writing so fascinating. The ultimate scope of possibilities are endless. 



Words are so powerful. They are profound. It's utterly amazing at what an impact writing can have in our everyday lives, and yet it's too often underrepresented and misunderstood. My request to you is to take time to appreciate these forms of expression, as they are some of the few things in this life that we do not view through a filter.