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Five Awesome Deals to Snag With Your Student ID

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Portland chapter.

We all know the struggles of being in college with no money to spare. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still have nice things, right? Here’s some of the best deals on music, news, food, and clothes that you can get just by showing your student ID!


Spotify Premium: Students can get half-price for Spotify premium at only $4.99 a month. This translates to instant access to millions of songs, beautifully curated playlists, and zero ads. Whether you’re running around campus or cranking through a long study sesh, Spotify has the playlists to get you in the zone. Check out this page for more info!

Amazon Prime: You probably already know the joys of Amazon, but did you know students can get free two-day shipping for six months? If you’re like me, you occasionally send yourself an adorable little treat to get through a rough week, so with this awesome deal, that little incentive is that much better. Be careful on this one, though–after your six months are up, you’ll be upgraded automatically to a membership. Luckily, it’ll still be half-price for being a student, so let the glories of Amazon continue! Learn more here


The New York Times: While walking around campus, you’ve probably seen the free copies of the New York Times (which is crazy cool, by the way). But The New York Times has even more to offer students. You can get the online version of the newspaper for just $4.00 a month with your UP email address. This means all the top stories on your mobile device for much cheaper than normal! Break the stereotype that young people don’t care about what happens in the world and start reading wherever you are. For information, check out this page


Qdoba: In need of a burrito fix? Qdoba has a $5 burrito deal for students, plus some locations will give you a free drink with a valid student ID, so drop in and get that craving satisfied! 


Levi’s: This popular brand offers 15% off their amazing jeans in store with a student ID and online if you register! Say goodbye to those jeans you’ve had for years and grab some new denim. Check out their page here!

There’s tons of other great student deals out there, so make sure to take that your student ID wherever you go and start saving!



Caroline Holyoak is a Spanish/English double major from Salt Lake City, Utah. She loves to nerd out about literature, make bad puns with her friends, and explore the beauty of the PNW!