Coming Back to Campus After Studying Abroad

Last semester I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in London, meaning I've been away from the Bluff for almost 9 months. Returning to UP made me a little anxious. Studying abroad had schoolwork, but it didn't feel like I was at school. In addition, all the travel and new experiences have changed me; I am not the same person I was the last time I was on campus. As I drove up the 16 hours from my home in Southern California to Portland, so many questions raced through my mind. Was life on the Bluff different from when I left it? Would I remember where everything was on campus? Would UP still feel like home? And most importantly, would it be hard readjusting to life at UP?

The second I walked onto campus all those worries faded away. Of course, I remembered where all the buildings were. The new academic building is still under construction, though much farther along than when I left it. While the Commons and Pilot House both had new menus, that was new for everyone. Despite all these realizations, I am still readjusting to the workload and the fact that life went on while I wasn't on campus. And while I initially felt out of place being here, everyone has welcomed me back with open arms. From advisors to professors, to faculty, and friends, everyone continues to be understanding as I transition back from the fast-paced life of studying abroad to life as a full-time student. 

All in all, my experiences have proved that things may change, but the Bluff will always be a home for me. I hope this article stands as a beacon of hope for the freshmen who are new to campus, students who are currently studying abroad and those who are like me and are still transitioning back. There truly is nothing quite like coming back to UP.