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5 Steps on Recreating Your Youth as an Adult

1. You were a disney princess fanatic…

From the earliest Disney princess, Snow White, to the latest, Moana, princesses have inspired many young girls. As a typical college student, you probably feel nostalgic about all things related to Disney! My favorite princess is Ariel, and I have adored her and mermaids ever since I pretended to be one in the pool during swim-team practice when I was five (okay, and a little older too).

How to recreate this love at an older age? One time, my friend painted my nails mint green with a sparkly purple accent nail. Feel inspired by Cinderella? Try sparkly white “Toms” shoes in lieu of crystal slippers and sky-blue skinny jeans instead of a blue ball-gown. Bibbity boppity boo! You’re a modern day Princess!


2. You grew up reading Harry Potter, and waited in anticipation for your letter by owl…

There is are new J.K. Rowling books out there. Better yet, reread the books with a steaming cup of butterbeer by your side. Maybe establish a Harry Potter book group. Take the Pottermore quizes and find out once and for all what house you belong to and what your patronus is. Or maybe just get a group of  friends together during a rainy day and transport yourself to Hogwarts through a movie marathon.

3. You grew up wanting to be a Power-Puff Girl…

Take a good, hard look at your squad. There is probably a Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup in your gaggle of girlfriends. When I was in preschool, I used to pretend I was the powerpuff girls with a few friends and a playhouse for a prop. I never had watched the Powerpuff Girls back then. Ironically I never watched the show until college. But each of them would make an adorable Halloween costume, because they are both separate styles and yet similar at the same time! Just like you and your crew!

4. Pigtails to Braidy-Cool…

You grew up with pigtails and now you want to elevate your look. A braided bun at the back of your head is chic and cool. Half-up, and half down, elegant while also being practical. Revive your pigtails by sporting some double french braids. You can’t lose.


5. You played “make believe”…

If you were like me, you could make hours go by role-playing as a rose fairy. Maybe these days the closest you get to rose fairy is your rose-flavored perfume. However, consider creative writing as a grown-up way to channel your inner make-believe fairy tale. 

Now that you have gathered five tips on how to recreate your past, try them out! As the fall foliage swirls around, smell the crisp autumn breeze and feel inspired. Tis the season of old and new.

Hello, my name is Madison Hughes! I love creative writing, reading historical fiction, baking, and running! I am from California and I am studying in Portland. This will be my Junior year, and my first year writing for HerCampus. :)
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