5 Reasons Why Meh is Bae

If you identify as a female and go to UP, there's a really good chance that you or a close friend have lived in the famous Mehling Hall. It's the tallest building on campus, 8 stories, 9 RAs, 3 senior staff members, 1 pastoral resident and close to 400 almost all female residents; YIKES. That's a lot of estrogen. At least those were my first thoughts when I received my housing assignment the summer before my freshman year. Despite the constantly broken elevators, spotty Wifi, and nonexistent air conditioning, Mehling's one of the best places to live on campus! And here are 5 reasons why.

1. The Couch 

The lobby couch's dangerous. But in a good way. You can get trapped there for hours and hours, but there's no judgment because everyone knows how comfortable this Mehling hall staple is. If you haven't already, please do. Right now. Your life will change forever. 

2. West Quad, Best Quad

West Quad's the best quad, and I'll tell you why. It's the closest to the academic quad which means you can wake up 10 minutes before class, get dressed and grab a Franz bagel with time to spare. No matter which way your window faces, you'll have a beautiful view, especially on floors 4 and above. And if you're on one of the lower floors facing the quad you have a front row seat for Villa's SNATR (Saturday Night At The Races) shenanigans without actually having to walk outside. And Corrado's an awesome neighbor too, obviously. 


3. You'll Never be Lonely 

Yes, there are LITERALLY upwards of 300 people to spend time with in Mehling, meaning you can always find someone to talk to. Not to say that you'll never be homesick, but the close proximity can foster genuine and long-lasting friendships. The first semester of my freshman year, I met a girl on my floor who's now my best friend to this day. I have the Mehling community and my past RA to thank for that.


4. Father Art

What a guy Father Art is. You'll never be bored with his insightful observations and always-entertaining stories! Also, he has dressed up as Dumbledore for Harry Potter Night and an Elf for Christmas; is there anything purer than that? 


5. The Staff

I'm a little biased in this respect since I am part of the Mehling hall staff, but I must say that I'm so grateful to have gotten to know the past and present RAs, Assistant Hall Directors and Hall Directors. They're some of the best people the UP community has to offer, hands down. 

Final Verdict: MEH IS BAE