5 Dorm Room Essentials

There's a non-exhaustive supply of college-packing lists and YouTube videos online that can aid incoming college students in packing for the next four years. However, these lists are long, and honestly quite boring. I'm prepared to offer 5 essential items to keep in your dorm room that could help you survive a zombie apocalypse, or at least your freshman year. 

1. An extra set of sheets

There'll be times when your sheets need changing but you are in no mood to do any laundry. It'll also serve for a refreshing change in your room layout.


2. Microwaveable food

Keeping with the "lazy" theme, there will be times when you simply cannot muster the energy to walk to the Commons or the Pilot House. Having tasty options right at your fingertips can make a late night of studying or Netflix binging that much sweeter.


3. A reusable Water Bottle

The University of Portland has made significant headway on towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. With that being said, water bottles in plastic bottles are not sold on campus. So in order to get your daily H20 fix, invest in a nice reusable water bottle. As the hip young kids say these days, "Hydrate or Dydrate."


4. Reading material other than your textbooks

In college, you're asked to read thousands of pages of material, that you may or may not actually end up reading. But apart from the daily bustle of classes, exams and social media, it's refreshing to disconnect from your obligations and reserve some time to read what you truly enjoy to read.

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5. Photos or Any Decorations That Make You Feel At Home

College can be a stressful time and can leave some feeling overwhelmed, out of place, and homesick. Taking the time to decorate your space with things you love will make you feel comfortable in your new niche and excited about the future to come.