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Adulting: “To carry out one more duty and responsibilities expected of fully developed individuals.” – Urban Dictionary

The countdown for summer break has begun and college seniors are graduating. Is it exciting or scary? Probably scary because this is the stage in life where twenty years old young adults are exposed to the “real world.” Everyone’s scared about adulting, even grown-ups that are fifty plus years old are still scared about adulting. Adulting isn’t just something that happens right out of college, it’s a practice that actually begins in high school. So it’s up to us to take on these adult responsibilities, put them in a bundle called a lifestyle, and live the best version of ourselves within that lifestyle. Now the real question is “What do adults do?” There’s no golden rule book on steps of adulting, but there are ways to manage your time and energy in becoming an adult, especially in college.

Here are three tips on adulting less stressful:

1. Get into a comfortable routine

The hardest part of adulting is trying to find the right schedule for you. It’s very crucial for the first few weeks of college for students to take life day by day in order to understand the strengths and weakness of oneself. Students can take control with this technique and feel strong about themselves overcoming daily obstacles while being excited about a fresh start the next day. Try to balance your schedule between adult responsibilities and fun. Invest in a planner or journal that can help organize your thoughts when trying to balance your schedule. After practicing this technique, it’ll become a habit that can eventually lead to a less stressful adulting process after college.


2. Live your life at your own pace

A huge tip for taking the pressure out of adulting is to slip into it naturally based on your comfort level. Don’t put the weight on your shoulders to get a campus job, pay your own cell phone bill and be the “perfect student.” Nobody expects that of you! You’re the only one allowed to set up expectations in what you want to accomplish in life. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you do need help with guidance. Mentors, friends, and peers can all help guide you on a certain path seem beneficial, but your expectations are the final say in the end because it is your life. Taking that control of pace in your life can really help reduce stress in adulting.


3. Acknowledge your successes

Wins are hard to achieve, so celebrate your successes from all the hard work you put in. Pat yourself on the back for even the little successes like doing laundry or remembering to eat breakfast. Adulthood is about feeling proud of all your successes. Find the joy in adulting so you can automatically filter out pressure and appreciate the way you’re learning and growing.


Even if the college transition seems to hard to handle, know that you’ll eventually figure it out! Once you reduce the pressure and not be afraid to ask for help, you will be able to enjoy finding the success in your adult responsibilities. Buckle up, and head on down the adult road.


Danielle Yao

Portland '19

Ain't it a blessing!
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